Classroom AV System Builder

Classroom AV System Builder

Extron offers a broad range of standard classroom AV system packages that are tailored for the evolving needs of learning spaces. You also have the option to customize many of these AV solutions using our online Classroom AV System Builder tool. Whether opting for a pre-configured package or a customized AV system, this flexibility ensures the seamless integration of AV to create a dynamic and successful learning environment.

Ready to Purchase VoiceLift Pro Microphone System Packages

These ready-to-purchase VoiceLift® Pro wireless microphone system packages will meet your fully integrated audio reinforcement needs without customization. The complete system includes wireless microphones with charging station, controller with built-in amplifier, Flat Field® speakers, mounting hardware, and cables. These packages are simple to purchase and integrate, and intuitive for anyone to use.

VoiceLift Pro Microphone System Packages

Model Version Description Part Number
VLS 3001 Single Pendant VoiceLift System 42-347-01
VLS 3002 Dual Pendant VoiceLift System 42-347-02
VLS 3002H Pendant and Handheld VoiceLift System 42-347-03
VLS 3001W Single Pendant VoiceLift System – WMK 160 42-348-01
VLS 3002W Dual Pendant VoiceLift System – WMK 160 42-348-02
VLS 3002HW Pendant and Handheld VoiceLift System – WMK 160 42-348-03
VLS 3001P Single Pendant VoiceLift System – PVM 220 42-349-01
VLS 3002P Dual Pendant VoiceLift System – PVM 220 42-349-02
VLS 3002HP Pendant and Handheld VoiceLift System – PVM 220 42-349-03

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Customizing Your Classroom System Using the Builder

Customize a range of Extron classroom AV systems, including PlenumVault Direct View, PlenumVault Digital, and WallVault Digital systems. This Classroom Builder makes system customization easy while ensuring that only valid systems are built and the right accessories for your system can be selected. Begin by designing your system with a standard configuration and then customize the inputs, controller, speakers, mounting, cabling, and more to create your ideal system.

Custom Part Number

Each classroom AV system includes many component options. Ordered separately, each of these items would require listing a part number and price on the purchase order. When you use the Classroom AV System Builder, it will automatically generate a single part number for each customized system. With the Classroom AV System Builder, you'll save time, money, and paperwork.

Save Project Information

The Classroom AV System Builder provides the ability to save the custom part number, item list and project information to Excel or PDF. This helps you verify all components are included and may be used as a reference for bid specifications.


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