Step-by-Step Videos of a TouchLink-based Control System Configuration

Configuring for Control - On Demand

Extron Global Configurator is an easy-to-use software application that allows non-programmers to configure a wide range of Extron MediaLink®, IP Link®, and TouchLink® products. Extron GUI Configurator is an intuitive design tool that makes creating and maintaining Extron TouchLink touchscreen user interfaces easy, even for individuals without graphic design skills. This training focuses on the fundamentals of how to create, modify, and upload TouchLink layouts using GUI Configurator and how to configure a TouchLink-based control system using Global Configurator.

Although this training focuses on specific products, the fundamentals of how to create and upload a configuration using Global Configurator to a MediaLink, IP Link, and TouchLink remain the same.

This training is designed to allow you to learn at your own pace, so take your time and feel free to repeat any section.

Configuring for control