Building Management System

Building Management System

Centralize monitoring and control of a building's mechanical and electrical systems


A Building Management System - BMS is a computer based system that allows for centralized monitoring and control of mechanical and electrical systems within a building, including HVAC - Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, lighting, power, and closed-circuit TV systems. When properly configured, a BMS will allow a significant reduction in building power consumption.

In the application diagram shown we are interfacing with both the building lighting and HVAC systems through a BMS gateway. An Extron Pro Series Control System is able to connect, monitor, and control devices that are connected to a BMS using the building’s standard network infrastructure.


  • Extron TLP Pro 1022M TouchLink Pro Touchpanels (One per room plus one for the control room)
  • Extron IPCP Pro 550 Control Processor (Located in the control room)
  • BMS Gateway

System Design Solution

Operational Requirements

After reviewing the customer’s requirements, determine what devices the AV control system needs to access as part of the BMS strategy. In the system shown in this application diagram the end user would like to adjust both the lighting and the HVAC system from the touchpanel. You will need to work with the BMS system administrator to expose the desired points of control before configuring the system in GCP.

  1. Design User Interface using GUI Designer.
  2. Configure the system using Global Configurator and select a driver specifically designed to communicate with a Gateway. For example: In a Tridium NiagaraAX System, this driver is a JACE® - Java Application Control Engine.
    Communication setting for the BMS driver
    The communication settings for the BMS driver. Note: We are using the Aliasing feature of Global Configurator for naming the control commands within the driver.

Key Configuration Concepts

  1. The Extron BMS driver, in its simplest form, allows room temperature adjustment.
    Configured Actions window for temperature
    The Configured Actions window for Incrementing the Temperature in this system. Note: The Instance Number is provided by the BMS programmer.

Software Tip: Either GC Pro or GC Plus can be used for this application. If only one touchpanel is needed, GC Plus is fine; however, if you plan to scale this application to more than one primary control interface, then GC Pro is the best choice.

Building Management System Design Diagram
Building Management System Design Diagram
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