Five Input Audio Expansion Processor with AEC and Dante

The Extron AXP 50 C AT is a five input audio expansion processor with Extron ProDSP™ for integrating remote microphones and other sources onto a Dante®-enabled audio system. A single Ethernet cable from one AXP 50 C AT, or several linked units, to a central equipment rack significantly reduces the effort and expense of pulling one cable for each mic. The AXP 50 C AT provides 48 volt phantom power and a digital control port for all mic/line inputs. Dedicated signal processing is available for each input, including gain, filtering, dynamics, and AEC - acoustic echo cancellation. FlexInputs offer the additional capability to process a Dante channel in place of a local analog input. The intuitive DSP Configurator™ Software makes it quick and easy to set up DSP parameters and AEC on the AXP 50 C AT.

Key Features

  • Five mic/line inputs for transmitting audio to a Dante network
  • 48 volt phantom power
  • Independent AEC - acoustic echo cancellation on each channel
  • FlexInput capability on each input to select between analog or Dante inputs
  • Dante audio networking provides a wide range of expansion capabilities
  • Built-in four-port Gigabit switch — Provides network pass-through to additional AXP Series units and direct interconnection to DMP 128 Plus AT or DMP 128 AT units. Any port can be designatedfor control only.
  • One digital input and dual digital outputs at each mic/line input for control
  • ProDSP 32/64-bit floating point signal processing
  • Low latency DSP processing
  • DSP Configurator Software
  • Intuitive Graphical User Environment
  • Building Blocks processor settings
  • Compact 1U, half rack width metal enclosure

Dante Audio Networking

Dante Audio Networking
Dante Audio Networking

Dante technology from Audinate provides digital audio distribution over standard local area networks. Dante allows high resolution audio channels to be transported uncompressed across a switched Ethernet data network using standard TCP/IP protocols, while meeting the stringent quality requirements of professional audio. With Dante, AXP 50 C AT and DMP 128 Plus AT processors can share multiple channels of high resolution digital audio with each other over a local area network. They can be directly linked using their built-in four-port Gigabit Ethernet switches, through standard network hardware, including switches, or by connecting into a network infrastructure.

Input Expansion Using Dante

AXP 50 C AT Presentation

The AXP 50 C AT is a true system expander for a DMP 128 Plus AT, with capability beyond a simple break-in box or digital snake. The built-in DSP processing, coupled with the capabilities and flexibility of Dante networking, create a powerful distributed approach to adding microphones to a system. Traditionally, expanding a system with break-in boxes or digital snakes requires that each channel be matched with DSP at the rack. This often necessitates the addition of one or more processors to the system, with only partial utilization of their I/O and DSP capacity. The AXP 50 C AT greatly reduces equipment, cabling, and installation costs by allowing integrators to remotely locate and process microphone and program channels, insert them onto the Dante network, and receive them as expansion inputs to one or more DMP 128 Plus AT processors. For applications where Dante-based DMP 128 Plus AT systems also need output expansion, Extron also offers the AXP 64 C AT 6 Input, 4 Output Expansion Processor with AEC and Dante.

Easy-To-Use DSP Configurator Software for Fast Setup

Easy-To-Use DSP Configurator Software for Fast Setup
Intuitive Graphical User Environment – The DSP Configurator Software features a Graphical User Environment that offers a clear view of all inputs and audio processing blocks in a single window. This allows a designer or installer to quickly view the entire configuration without having to access multiple windows or menus.

Extron ProDSP includes all the essential DSP tools needed to set up and fine-tune audio systems. These tools, or processing blocks, allow for control and management of gain, dynamics, filtering, AEC, and more. Extron digital audio processors serve as the central point for sound system setup and optimization. This can simplify system designs and save money by eliminating more complicated DSP equipment. This easy-to-use configuration approach saves time during system tuning.

For the AXP 50 C AT, Gain, Filter, Dynamics, and AEC blocks are available for each input. Selecting any of these blocks opens a dedicated pop-up window with a range of options and customizable parameters. Multiple windows can be open at the same time. Input levels can be monitored at any time by simply opening any of the pre-processing Gain windows, or the convenient meter bridge.

To further expedite configuration, Extron Building Blocks can be applied to any of the inputs. Each Building Block includes gain and processor settings optimized for a specific type of input device, such as microphones, with preset levels, filters, dynamics, and more. Building Blocks can also be customized and saved, or created by capturing the current gain and processor settings for an input.

Extensive Array of DSP Tools

AEC 5 independent acoustic echo cancellers with selectable noise reduction
GAIN STAGES 2 gain stages across input paths
DYNAMICS AGC - Automatic Gain Control
Noise gate
FILTERS 5 filters per input
High pass
Low pass
Band pass
Parametric EQ

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