Extron AV Streaming Design Guide - Third Edition

The publication of this third edition of the AV Streaming Design Guide comes at a time when we see expansion of AV streaming into more and more applications. Streaming has become ubiquitous in government, education, corporate, and everyday consumer use.

Streaming stands apart as the next big step, as the AV industry continues to innovate. Streaming can enhance AV system capabilities by: 1) extending visual communication beyond a room or building to any destination globally, 2) increasing scalability of AV distribution systems, 3) simplifying cable infrastructure management, and 4) recording, documenting, and analyzing audio, video, and graphic data produced by a variety of AV sources. Each one of these opportunities can increase operating efficiency within an organization, as well as reduce capital expenditure and operating costs for audiovisual installations.

This 3rd Edition AV Streaming Design Guide incorporates the latest advancements in streaming technology, including updated sections that cover application requirements, compression, networks, streaming protocols, and streaming services. Example system designs illustrate practical streaming systems that use Extron products. The Extron AV Streaming Design Guide is an ideal reference for developing the knowledge base and skills necessary to succeed in this growing application space.

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