Audio Gain Structure for Professional AV Systems

Audio Gain Structure for Professional AV Systems

A Best Practices Guide to Audio System Setup

Audio Gain Structure for Pro AV Systems from Extron is a practical, intuitive guide to establishing proper gain structure in pro AV systems with sound reinforcement. This guide provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step procedure that can be applied in the field to get an audio system up and running with very good performance. The information in this publication is intended to help address the practical needs and challenges specific to commercial AV applications.

Properly setting gain levels is a very important factor in allowing audio systems to perform to their full potential, with optimal signal-to-noise ratio and headroom. When good gain structure is applied, the system as a whole performs its best, with speech, music, and other content sounding clear, dynamic, and free of distortion. In turn, this helps satisfy the end user's expectations for performance. This guide will allow AV engineers and technicians to adopt a logical, systematic approach to ensure consistency in audio system setup from project to project.

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