Streamline System Design and Integration with Quantum Ultra Certified Displays

Ensures consistent signal acquisition and
stable presentation of source content

Extron Quantum Ultra Certified

Quantum Ultra Certified

Guaranteed Compatibility Between Quantum Ultra and Certified Displays

Extron is working closely with industry-leading display manufacturers to guarantee consistent, stable presentation of source content when using professional displays with the Quantum Ultra 4K Videowall Processor. Displays that pass an extensive testing program are identified as Quantum Ultra certified.

Flexible management of out-going signals makes Quantum Ultra the perfect companion for a diverse array of display technologies. By pairing a Quantum Ultra processor with a Quantum Ultra certified display device, compatibility concerns are eliminated from the product specification process. System designers can take comfort knowing that the products have been tested together using established parameters, such as image acquisition, image stability, and EDID management. This ensures consistent and reliable operation between processor and displays, streamlining videowall integration and reducing the need for on‑site troubleshooting.

Click on a display manufacturer’s logo below for a complete list of Quantum Ultra certified displays.

Quantum Ultra Certification Benefits

  • Collaboration between Extron and display manufacturers guarantees compatibility with Quantum Ultra
  • Ensures consistent and reliable operation between processor and displays
  • Simplifies system design by offering a selection of devices certified to work together
  • Extensive testing validates signal stability and EDID communication
  • Streamlines system integration by reducing need for on‑site troubleshooting

Quantum Ultra 4K Videowall Processor

Quantum Ultra is a modular 4K videowall processor with high-performance scaling and windowing technology which accommodates a wide range of applications. It features the Extron Vector™ 4K scaling engine and HyperLane® video bus capable of carrying a multitude of high-resolution sources for unmatched real-time performance. A single processor can support multiple videowalls with mixed resolutions and screen orientations, providing flexible system design with minimal complexity and cost. Portrait and landscape output support, output overlap, and mullion compensation provide compatibility with nearly any display technology. RS‑232 and Ethernet interfaces provide direct connections for control systems. The Quantum Ultra processor’s configurability, features, and performance make it a future-ready solution for any videowall application.