Extron MediaLink® System: Economical, One-Touch AV System Control

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Anaheim, California (June 13, 2001) - Extron is pleased to introduce the MediaLink System, a family of easy-to-use and economical products that work together to connect and control AV equipment in any small, one-projector classroom or boardroom. The MLC 206 MediaLink Controller is the cornerstone of the MediaLink System. It is a flexible, intelligent remote control panel that provides universal projector and room control. For expansion of an AV system's capabilities, the MLC 206 can be coupled with any one of the MediaLink Switchers (MLS).

The MLC 206 controls any projector's power on/off, input switching, and volume control. It conveniently offers clearly labeled buttons and one-button functionality for intuitive operation. Especially vital for high traffic areas, the MLC 206 is housed in a secure enclosure, with labels that are not easily altered by unauthorized users. It offers many options for mounting in a lectern, desk, wall, rack, or wall box. A simple, one-time setup using the supplied setup software is all that's needed. Universal projector control is established by loading pre-configured IR or RS-232 files, IR learning, or creating custom RS-232 command strings.

MLS 100 Series VersaTools® Switchers

The MLS 100 Series VersaTools switchers are housed in quarter rack width metal enclosures, making them ideal for installation in podiums and other small space areas. Because of their small size, the MLS 100 switchers can also be mounted or placed on a shelf along with a VCR and DVD player. There are four MLS 100 Series switchers to choose from: the MLS 100 A with four unbalanced audio inputs; the MLS 102 VGA with two VGA with audio inputs and four unbalanced audio inputs; the MLS 103 SV with three S-video inputs and four unbalanced audio inputs; and the MLS 103 V with three composite video inputs and four unbalanced audio inputs. MLS 100 Series switchers are designed to be used as stand-alone audio switchers or add-ons for the MLC 206 to facilitate low-cost system integration.

MLS 304MA Switcher

The MLS 304MA is a four input, one output MediaLink Switcher with an integrated mono audio amplifier. It is compatible with computer-video, composite video, and audio signals. It also provides 20 watt (rms) amplified mono audio output for a 4 or 8 ohm load or 70/100 volt distributed audio system.

MLS 406 and MLS 406MA Switchers

The MLS 406 and MLS 406MA are six input, one output MediaLink Switchers with a variable preamp output or integrated mono audio amplifier. Both models are compatible with computer-video, S-video, composite video, and audio signals. Each switcher includes preamp outputs (one fixed and one variable) that can be set for mono or stereo via RS-232. The MLS 406MA provides 20 watt (rms) amplified mono audio output for a 4 or 8 ohm load or 70/100 volt distributed audio system.

MLS 506 Switcher

The MLS 506 is a six input, one output multi-format switcher. For audio switching, the MLS 506 conveniently offers preamp volume control, as well as bass and treble control. It is enclosed in a rugged 2U high, metal enclosure.

MLS 506MA Switcher

The MLS 506MA builds on the MLS 506 by adding convenient audio capabilities. A powerful 30-watt (rms) mono amplifier is included that can drive either a 4 or 8 ohm load or directly drive a 70 volt distributed audio system (there is also an MLS 506MA model for 100 volt systems). In addition, an auxiliary line level audio input may be mixed with the switched audio signal using an internal mixer, and further processing can be applied externally via the effects loop-out.

MLS 506SA Switcher

The MLS 506SA includes all the features of the MLS 506MA. The sole difference is in the type of amplified output. It provides 30 watts (rms) of amplified stereo audio output into 4 or 8 ohm speaker loads.

MediaLink Accessories

To customize an AV system, Extron offers a full line of mounting and control options for the MediaLink System. Mounting configurations for the MLC 206 are available in gray, black, or white. Mounting brackets and junction boxes are also available for all faceplate options. For control, Extron offers hundreds of Architectural Adapter Plates (AAP) options to choose from. The MLC 206 can also be matched with a wide selection of IR control module AAPs that provide control support for VCRs, DVDs, screens, and lighting.

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