Extron Introduces New IPL T SF24 at INFOCOMM 2003

Offers Two Serial Ports & Four Flex I/O Ports

  • Public relations contact:
  • Joe da Silva, Vice President of Marketing
  • Extron
  • E-mail: pr@extron.com
Anaheim, California (June 30, 2003) - Extron Electronic's new IPL T SF24, Ethernet control interface is now available. The IPL T SF24 offers two serial ports, four Flex I/O ports, and an integral Web server that enables most types of AV devices to be controlled, monitored, and accessed from any computer connected to a Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), or even the Internet. The four Flex I/O ports allow the IPL T SF24 to accept an input voltage and then send out a serial command, send an email or trigger another event. The Flex I/O ports can support TTL and analog signals from 0 to 24 volts, allowing a wide variety of devices to be controlled and monitored. The Flex I/O ports can be configured in three ways: analog in, digital in, or digital out. "Extron has taken this control interface and expanded its utility with the addition of the Flex I/O ports," said Mike Andrews, director of marketing for Extron. "The Flex I/O ports let you monitor and control of a wider variety of devices in a room." Flex I/O ports can receive analog voltages from a wide variety of devices, such as photo sensors, level feedback, strain gauges, thermocouples, variable potentiometers and other devices. Incoming analog voltages from 0 to 24 volts are sampled with 12 bit precision. For example, a thermal sensor installed in an equipment rack can be connected to one of the Flex I/O inputs, and the IPL T SF24 can be configured to send an e-mail message, turn on auxiliary cooling fans, and turn off equipment if the rack temperature exceeds a specified value. When configured as digital inputs, the Flex I/O ports can connect to switches, motion sensors, moisture sensors, and tally feedback. This provides the ability to receive dual state (TTL) information, such as "on or off" or "up or down" signals from devices including projector lifts, motorized projection screens, room partition switches, and push buttons. When configured as digital outputs, the Flex I/O ports can drive LEDs, 24 volt incandescent lamps, or other devices that accept a TTL input signal. For applications that require contact closure control, the Flex I/O ports can interface with an Extron IPA T RLY4, an IP Tools accessory featuring four isolated relays. The IPL T SF24 is a member of the Extron IP Tools™ family, designed to integrate Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity into AV systems. IP connectivity gives users the ability to remotely and proactively monitor and troubleshoot projectors, plasma displays, switchers, and other products. The IPL T SF24 uses Extron's exclusive IP Link® technology, a high performance intelligent network solution specifically engineered to meet the needs of professional AV environments, from large universities and businesses to small residential installations. Multiple Ethernet-enabled AV products can be managed and supported by a technician or administrator at any time from any computer with a Web browser. The IPL T SF24 Ethernet Control Interface lists for $545.00 (US). For additional information, contact an Extron Customer Support Representative at: 800.633.9876 (inside USA and Canada only) or 714.491.1500 for Extron USA; +800.3987.6673 (inside Europe only) or +31.33.453.4040 for Extron Europe; +65.6383.4400 for Extron Asia; or +81.3.3511.7655 for Extron Japan. www.extron.com

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