Extron Surpasses $13 Million Mark in Classroom AV Grants to US Schools

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Extron Surpasses $13 Million Mark in Classroom AV  Grants to US Schools
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Anaheim, California (February 14, 2019) - Extron is pleased to announce the continuation of our popular Classroom Technology Grant Programs for the 12th straight year. Through this program, Extron has awarded more than $13 million worth of PlenumVault, PoleVault, WallVault, VoiceLift, ShareLink, and GlobalViewer Enterprise systems to US school districts. Over 1,600 classrooms have received instructional technology that enables district technology leaders, administrators, and instructors to evaluate and define audiovisual system standards for their schools.

"Our classroom AV systems are designed specifically to meet the needs of K-12 classrooms," says Anthony Cortes, Director of Sales and Marketing, Education Classroom Systems for Extron. "With our grant programs, schools can introduce students and educators to technology that will boost students' interest and achievement in the classroom, as well as prepare them for the future."

Extron offers several programs for qualifying institutions. The Classroom AV Grant awards complete classroom AV switching and control systems. The VoiceLift Microphone Grant allows classrooms to experience the benefits of voice amplification. The ShareLink Grant enables schools to test wireless collaboration and presentation capabilities. The GlobalViewer Enterprise Grant demonstrates the benefits of managing, monitoring, and controlling AV devices over the network. The main goal of the Extron grant program is to provide increased visibility and expanded access to AV technology by supplying selected pilot classrooms with advanced audio/video solutions. All Extron equipment, software, training, and support are provided free of charge with no required commitment for future purchases.

For more information on the Extron Classroom Technology Grant Program, click here.

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