AV Connectivity Module Selector Tool

With hundreds of AAP™ AV Connectivity Modules, MAAP™ Mini AV Connectivity Modules, and dozens of mounting options available, sorting through all the various sizes, connectors, and configurations can be daunting. Thanks to Extron's online tool, the task of selecting the right AAP or MAAP modules for your specific application is now considerably easier.

The AAP AV Connectivity Module Selector tool makes choosing the right AAP and MAAP modules easy and fast. It offers a user-friendly interface for sorting and selecting AAP and MAAP modules by connector type or by signal type. Once you've selected your options, the AAP AV Connectivity Module Selector displays description summaries and photos of all the AAP and MAAP modules that match your selection criteria. You can also use the tool to explore mounting options that meet your needs.

You'll find the Extron AAP AV Connectivity Module Selector in the Products section of the Extron Web site under Architectural Connectivity.