ICIA and Extron Electronics Announce Debut of All New InfoComm Projection Shoot-Out® Software at InfoComm 2002

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  • Joe da Silva, Vice President of Marketing
  • Extron
  • E-mail: pr@extron.com
Anaheim, California (June 12, 2002) – While the Projection Shoot-Out® special event will not be held at any InfoComm exposition in 2002, both the International Communications Industries Association, Inc.® (ICIA®) and Extron Electronics, Inc. ("Extron") will continue to produce and distribute the world famous Shoot-Out Software for the purpose of fulfilling the industry's need for high-performance demonstration and evaluation software needed to support the sale of video displays. The all-new 2002 version of the software will be called the InfoComm Projection Shoot-out® DVD: The Demonstration and Evaluation Standard (Volume 1.0). The software, owned by ICIA, is sponsored, produced and distributed by Extron. Video material provided within the software is owned and provided by Joe Kane Productions, Inc. and computer-based test pattern images are owned and provided by DisplayMate® Technologies Corporation. "This new InfoComm Projection Shoot-Out Software continues the legacy of the Shoot-Out by enabling manufacturers, dealers and end-users to create their own comparisons of display products using the diverse range of royalty-free photos, graphics, test patterns and video segments incorporated into the software. There is something for everyone in this new release. We are proud to introduce it at InfoComm 2002," stated Randy Lemke, ICIA's executive director. "With the move to a DVD-based format, we were able to incorporate video into the Shoot-Out Software for the first time. The software engine in this version will allow users to pick and choose which images, patterns and resolutions they wish to display along with their choice of background music for completely custom presentations. We're very pleased with the finished product after hundreds of hours of work in taking the software to the next level; we know that users will not be disappointed," stated Steve Somers, Extron's vice president of engineering and the InfoComm Projection Shoot-Out chairman.

Software Highlights

The 2002 version of the Shoot-Out Software contains many key improvements:
  • DVD-based product (hybrid format – runs on both PCs and DVD video players)
  • Montage of moving video imagery in both NTSC and PAL
  • Inclusion of the famous computer-based, multi-resolution image files
  • Computer slide shows may be customized by the user
  • Network capability for the computer-based files
  • Background music selections for computer-based files

Software Description

This brand new version Shoot-Out Software will be released in DVD ROM format. DVD offers enough storage space to allow inclusion of the world famous Shoot-Out computer-based image files and its control system along with high quality, digitally mastered, royalty-free video material presented in both NTSC and PAL standards. The disc design is a hybrid design with the computer files and NTSC video on the primary side and the PAL video material located on the obverse side.

Video Selections

The video clips on the DVD will be montages of images sourced, with permission, from the archives of Joe Kane Productions, Inc. The image material provided by Joe Kane Productions will allow the software purchaser to use the video imagery for demonstration purposes only. The material is not available for copy and reproduction by the purchaser in any other work. The video material is three sequences of approximately 3 to 5 minutes each. This limited run time allows for the material to be played back from the DVD at a very high bit rate, thus ensuring the best quality achievable on DVD. Basic Feature Set:
  • NTSC on side A; PAL on side B
  • Three 3 to 5 minute video clips in each format
  • Each clip created in 1.33:1 and 1.78:1 (anamorphic) selectable
  • Separate title containing test patterns for setup
  • Audio track for each clip in Dolby digital stereo
  • Video clips will automatically loop until interrupted.
Operation within standard consumer or professional DVD disc players is like any DVD video title. The software will autorun within the player and provide control menus and the navigation required to operate all features of the material. Within computers having DVD ROM capability, the software disc functions as a ROM disc for the purpose of installing the computer-based files or operate as a video source under control of the resident DVD control software. When operating under control of the DVD control software, the software disc will function like any other movie-type disc, but the user will not have access to the computer-based files.

Computer Image Selections

Based on the innovative 2001 software engine, this enhanced engine provides several unique features to support independent side-by-side display comparisons. Backward support for 2001 and older Shoot-Out Software is provided. Several enhancements to the Shoot-Out Software allow purchasers to further exploit the capabilities of this new platform, making the software irresistible to those engaged in demonstrating video display products. This version includes all features of the 2001 version plus the following:
  1. Very similar look and feel to the 2001 control screen with additions to handle all new features. Title and graphics are all updated.
  2. Compatibility: The Volume 1 DVD will run the 2001 version with its features and continue to run older Shoot-Out versions with features compatible to the software version of that particular time.
  3. Image files can be customized by the user to show specific images in any order determined by the user via an edit screen that will reside in the advanced portion of the application. Thumbnail representations of images will facilitate the selection process.
  4. The software features a customizable "business card" that the purchaser can use to display their business name and contact information. This card can be automated to display within the program any number of times by using the program editor.
  5. Multi-system operation: the software will allow Ethernet control of up to three computers all running the software at the same, or different, resolutions. This will facilitate the automated operation capability that the Shoot-Out is famous for – purchasers will be able to produce their own side-by-side display product comparisons. A separate copy of the software must be purchased for each computer to be operated.
  6. Audio Tracks: A limited number of royalty-free, user-selectable background music files will accompany the program in MP3 format. Users can also load their own MP3 files to accompany the program as well.
  7. Tutorial support is available within the software's pull-down menu.

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