Extron Introduces the RGB 203xi Three Input Computer-Video Interface

  • Public relations contact:
  • Joe da Silva, Vice President of Marketing
  • Extron
  • E-mail: pr@extron.com
Anaheim, California (June 12, 2002) – Extron Electronics introduces the RGB 203xi, a new three input, universal, analog computer-video interface with audio and ADSPTM. With a 15-150 kHz scanning range and 300 MHz (-3dB) of RGB video bandwidth, the RGB 203xi is compatible with nearly every computer and video signal type, including VGA—UXGA, Mac, Sun, and SGI. For integration in AV systems, the RGB 203xi can be easily rack or under-desk mounted. The RGB 203xi includes three female 15-pin HD input connectors and a 15-pin HD buffered local monitor output that can be fixed to input one or shared between all three. Optional adapters for MAC to VGA and SUN/SGI to VGA connection are also available. Audio is available on two of the three inputs on 3.5 mm stereo audio jacks. Input selection can be made via the front panel, autoswitching, RS-232 control, or contact closure. Signal settings are automatically recalled during switching or for new computer signals utilizing 30 memory locations. The RGB 203xi is able to convert computer-generated, unbalanced audio to stereo or mono balanced line-level audio. It is also equipped with Extron's Advanced Digital Sync Processing (ADSP™) to ensure compatibility with digital displays (DLP, LCD, plasma). A Digital Display Sync Processing (DDSP™) DIP switch is also included to bypass sync processing and horizontal and vertical centering. There is also an RGB 203xi VTG, which includes a built-in, mini video test generator (VTG). The video test generator comes equipped with a 16-position rotary switch for selecting up to four video test patterns (cross-hatch, H-pattern, grayscale, and color bars) for each of the four (VGA, SVGA, XGA, and SGI) resolutions. This model can be purchased separately or as part of the RGB 203xi Kit. The kit is designed for interfacing a variety of computers, from laptops to high-end workstations. It is ideal for rental and staging applications that need an interface for computer-video and audio signal processing, as well as projector or monitor set-up. In addition to the RGB 203xi VTG interface, the kit includes adapter cables for Sun SPARC, Silicon Graphics, NeXT, HP, DEC, Mac, Quadra, G3, SuperVGA, and many PowerPC computers, an Extron SRI 200 scan rate measuring device, and a 25-foot (7.5 meters) BNC cable for connection to any industry standard presentation system. The RGB 203xi Kit is packaged in a hard plastic carrying case with foam cut-outs for protecting the components.

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