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  • Extron Adds Technology Classroom to Showcase AV Products for Educational Environments
    Anaheim, California (December 16, 2003) – Extron Electronics recently opened a Technology Classroom at its Anaheim headquarters to demonstrate different levels of AV systems for educational environments... Read more
  • Extron Introduces New Audio Summing Products
    Anaheim, California (December 12, 2003) – Extron Electronics is pleased to announce the ASA 101 Audio Summing Adapter and the ASA 204 and ASA 304 Audio Summing Amplifiers. These three products are specially designed to convert two-channel stereo audio signals to balanced or unbalanced one-channel mono audio... Read more
  • Extron Celebrates 20 Years in the AV Industry
    Anaheim, California (November 25, 2003) –Extron Electronics is celebrating its 20th year of providing service, support, and solutions to the AV industry. Established in 1983, with just a handful of employees, Extron introduced its first computer-video interface, the RGB 100... Read more
  • Extron Opens East Coast Cable Warehouse in Raleigh, NC
    Anaheim, California (November 25, 2003) – Extron Electronics opened the doors to its new East Coast bulk cable distribution warehouse on October 15, 2003. Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, the 12,400 square foot facility serves customers in the Midwest, Southeast, Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic United States... Read more
  • Extron Introduces New IPL T SF24 at INFOCOMM 2003
    Anaheim, California (June 30, 2003) - Extron Electronic's new IPL T SF24, Ethernet control interface is now available. The IPL T SF24 offers two serial ports, four Flex I/O ports, an... Read more
  • Extron Introduces New System 5 IP Switcher
    Anaheim, California (June 30, 2003) - Extron Electronics proudly presents the System 5 IP, a five input integrated AV switcher with a higher powered audio amplifier and built-in IP Link® Ethernet control... Read more
  • Extron Introduces New VTG 300 Handheld, Battery-Operated, Video and Audio Test Generator at INFOCOMM 2003
    Anaheim, California (June 30, 2003) – Extron Electronics introduces the VTG 300, a simple-to-use, handheld, battery-operated video and audio test generator. This, simple-to-use, battery-powere... Read more
  • Extron Introduces New, Smaller Sizes for MAV Matrix Switchers
    Anaheim, California (June 30, 2003) - The Extron MAV Series Matrix Switchers are now available in smaller sizes, including 4x4, 4x8, 8x4, and 8x8. These new MAVs offer a high leve... Read more
  • Extron Unveils New GLI 2000 Heavy Duty Ground Loop Inhibitors
    Anaheim, California (June 30, 2003) - Extron Electronics is introducing a new GLI 2000 family of Ground Loop Inhibitors for effectively managing and solving a variety of video grounding problems in AV systems... Read more
  • David Libman Joins Extron as Director of Product Development, Software
    Anaheim, California (March 10, 2003) – Extron welcomes David Libman to our team as the new Director of Product Development, Software. He is based out of the Anaheim, CA headquarter... Read more
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