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  • New Ethernet to KNX Interface Extends Building Management Controls to Extron Control Systems
    Anaheim, California (February 14, 2019) - Extron is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the KNX 100G KNX IP Interface. Read more
  • Extron Collaboration Systems Upgrade Enhances Control Flexibility
    Anaheim, California (February 7, 2019) - Extron is pleased to announce a new LinkLicense Pro Series User Interface Upgrade for Extron HC 400 Series Meeting Space Collaboration Systems. Read more
  • Extron Introduces the Next Generation of True Seamless 4K/60 Switching and Scaling
    Anaheim, California (February 6, 2019) - Extron is pleased to announce the ISS 608, an eight-input seamless switcher for the dynamic presentation and scaling of DisplayPort and HDMI content at resolutions up to 4K/60 @ 4:4:4 at a maximum data rate of 18 Gbps. Read more
  • Extron and Logitech Team Up to Deliver Exceptional Conference Room Experiences
    Anaheim, California (February 5, 2019) - Extron Electronics is pleased to announce that this Spring we will deliver some very exciting collaboration solutions stemming from our joint work with Logitech through the Logitech Collaboration Program. Read more
  • Extron Introduces the Industry's First Adjustable Width Sound Bar
    Anaheim, California (January 31, 2019) - Extron Electronics is excited to announce the SB 33 A Adjustable Width Sound Bar, uniquely designed to enhance the audio experience in collaboration spaces. Read more
  • TeamWork Now Offers Even More 4K Configurations
    Anaheim, California (January 30, 2019) - Extron is pleased to announce that an even larger selection of TeamWork configurations now offer support for 4K sources and displays. Read more
  • More Extron Amplifiers Go Ultra with Two Channel and 100 Volt Models
    Anaheim, California (January 24, 2019) - Extron is excited to announce the expansion of the XPA Ultra line of power amplifiers with the two channel XPA U 1002 Series and 100 volt models for all the XPA Ultra amplifiers. Read more
  • Extron Introduces Economical Collaboration Systems with One-Gang Wallplate Transmitters
    Anaheim, California (January 23, 2019) - Extron is pleased to introduce the HC 402 Series of Meeting Space Collaboration Systems. They combine video switching, scaling, signal extension, and system control into a one-gang wallplate transmitter paired with a receiver. Read more
  • Extron HC 404 Collaboration System Now Preconfigured for Zoom Room Control
    Anaheim, California (January 21, 2019) - Extron is pleased to announce the HC 404 Meeting Space Collaboration System is now available preconfigured to extend control capabilities to Zoom Rooms running on an Apple® Mac. Read more
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