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  • Customers Can More Easily Manage Conferencing Solutions With Extron and Avaya

    Anaheim, CA - June 1, 2020 — Extron, a leading manufacturer of Pro Audio Video (AV) system integration products, today announced that its DMP Plus Series Audio DSP Processors are compliant with key Avaya IX™ Workplace solutions, helping enable customers to improve key measures of engagement and productivity with powerful... Read more

  • Extron Now Shipping Network Button Panel With AV Control and Cable Cubby Convenience

    Anaheim, California (May 12, 2020) - Extron is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the NBP 1200C. Read more

  • Now Shipping Powerful, Simplified Control in a Compact 3.5" Wall Mount Touchpanel

    Anaheim, California (May 6, 2020) - Extron is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the TLP Pro 300M 3.5" portrait wall mount TouchLink Pro Touchpanel. Read more

  • Mobile County Public Schools Use Extron Collaboration Technology to Create Busy Learning Spaces

    Anaheim, California (April 30, 2020) - Mobile County Public School System in Alabama is repurposing outdated computer labs and libraries into heavily used collaboration spaces equipped with modern AV technology. Read more

  • Extron Introduces XPA Ultra Amplifiers with Switchable Bridging

    Anaheim, California (April 29, 2020) - Extron is excited to introduce the XPA U 1004 SB and XPA U 2002 SB, ENERGY STAR qualified audio power amplifiers, featuring flexible channel pairs that can drive 8 ohm, 4 ohm, 70 volt, or 100 volt loads. Read more

  • Extron Introduces eBUS Compatible VoiceLift Pro to Integrate with More Systems

    Anaheim, California (April 28, 2020) - Extron is pleased to introduce the VoiceLift® Pro Microphone EB, designed to integrate with eBUS enabled control systems to provide voice amplification for a wide variety of installations. Read more

  • Certify Extron XTP DTP 24 Cable Installations with MS-TestPro by MSolutions

    Anaheim, California (April 22, 2020) - Extron is pleased to announce that our XTP DTP 24 Shielded Twisted Pair Cable is fully compatible with the award-winning MS-TestPro HDBaseT tester by MSolutions. Read more

  • Extron Now Shipping Next Generation True Seamless 4K/60 Switcher

    Anaheim, California (April 20, 2020) - Extron is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the ISS 608, an eight-input seamless switcher for the dynamic presentation and scaling of DisplayPort and HDMI content at resolutions up to 4K/60 @ 4:4:4 at a maximum data rate of 18 Gbps. Read more

  • Extron DTP2 CrossPoint 82 Delivers 4K/60 4:4:4 Matrix Switching, Scaling, and Extension — Plus Audio and Control Processing — in One Box

    Anaheim, California (April 14, 2020) - Extron is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the DTP2 CrossPoint 82, an 8x2 presentation matrix switcher that provides state-of-the-art video scaling, switching, and integration features. Read more

  • Extron and Lenovo Deliver an Exceptional Collaboration Experience

    Anaheim, California (April 13, 2020) - Extron today announced that it is working with Lenovo to create scalable meeting solutions for modern workspaces. We are integrating room automation, audio, and signal extension capabilities with the Lenovo ThinkSmart, Microsoft Teams Rooms®, and Zoom Rooms™ solutions. Read more