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  • New Extron SME 211 Provides High Performance Streaming Capabilities in a Compact Package

    Anaheim, California (February 7, 2018) - Extron is pleased to introduce the SME 211, a high performance H.264 streaming media encoder for distributing audio and video signals over IP networks. Read more

  • Extron Introduces Cost-Effective Collaboration System with Wallplate Transmitter

    Anaheim, California (February 6, 2018) - Extron Electronics is pleased to introduce the HC 403, an affordable and easy-to-use AV system for professional and educational spaces. The system features built-in control capabilities and connects with occupancy sensors to automate display power and source switching for an intuitive,... Read more

  • Versatile New IP Link Pro Control Processor Provides Device and AC Power Control

    Anaheim, California (Feb 5, 2018) - Extron is pleased to introduce the IPCP Pro PCS1 high-performance IP Link Pro control processor with device and AC power control. This unique control processor combines a variety of AV control ports and the ability to supply and manage device power. Read more

  • Logitech and Extron Team to Deliver an Exceptional Skype for Business Experience

    Anaheim, California (February 1, 2018) - Extron today announced that it has joined the Logitech Collaboration Program (LCP) as an Integration partner in the program’s Complementary Technology Provider track. Read more

  • Extron Introduces New 4K/60 HDMI Distribution Amplifiers

    Anaheim, California (January 25, 2018) - Extron is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new DA HD 4K PLUS Series HDMI distribution amplifiers for signals up to 4K/60 @ 4:4:4 chroma sampling. Read more

  • New Extron Room Scheduling Panels Make Booking a Room Easier Than Ever

    Anaheim, California (January 18, 2018) - Extron is pleased to introduce a new generation of room scheduling solutions. Our new TLS family of TouchLink Scheduling panels are designed to help ease integration and provide customers with powerful, dedicated panels for all their meeting space reservation needs. Read more

  • Extron Global Scripter - Bringing the Power of Python to the AV Industry

    Anaheim, California (January 15, 2018) - Extron is pleased to announce that programmers have been certified around the globe to program control systems using Global Scripter. Read more

  • Sleek New Extron 7" Wall Mount Touchpanel Blends Performance and Style

    Anaheim, California (January 11, 2018) - Extron is pleased to introduce the TLP Pro 725M 7" wall mount TouchLink Pro touchpanel. Read more