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Out of the Box Videos

Extron Out of the Box videos are an instructional series that demonstrate the speed and ease with which Extron products can be installed and configured, right Out of the Box. Hosted by Extron Systems Support Engineer Chris Bach and geared toward AV integrators and installers, Out of the Box videos provide an unedited and unvarnished view of the time saving, integration-friendly features that are engineered into every Extron product. All videos are produced in one continuous take and demonstrate how to set up an Extron product from opening the box to fully configured and operational, typically in 15 minutes or less. This is an ongoing series – feel free to check back for additional videos about other Extron products in the future.

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IN1608 SA

In this video, Chris Bach unpacks and quickly sets up a brand new IN1608 SA scaling presentation switcher with integrated stereo amplifier and twisted pair extension. The example AV system depicts remote source and display locations, and has a mix of digital and analog equipment including laptops, a Blu-ray player, an Apple TV, a wireless microphone, speakers, a flat-panel display, and a control processor. Chris hooks up all these to the IN1608, demonstrating the ease of incorporating a laptop and the display, each connected using 230 feet (70 meters) of twisted pair cable. Chris then shows you how to configure the IN1608 using its front panel controls or its equally intuitive built-in Web pages for complete setup and operation. Finally, Chris demonstrates the assembled system’s ease of operation and image quality.

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Supporting Document: System diagram illustrating the AV setup featured in the IN1608 SA video.
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MGP 464 Pro

Watch Chris take a brand new MGP 464 Pro HDCP-Compliant Multi-Window Processor out of the box and configure it to accept four different HDMI signals including a Blu-ray player, tablet PC and two laptop PCs as well as a background image supplied from a third laptop PC. Chris will review the front panel controls and connections available from the rear panel, and walk through a quick configuration of the inputs and output from the MGP 464 Pro front panel. He then uses the MGP 464 Pro control software to create and save unique window layouts to be presented on an HDCP-compliant flat panel display. Finally Chris demonstrates recall of the window layouts including transition effects as they are selected from the front panel.

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Supporting Document: System diagram illustrating the AV setup featured in the MGP 464 Pro video.
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DVS 605 A

Watch Chris take a brand new DVS 605 A five input HDCP-compliant scaler out of the box and integrate it in an AV system with HDMI and analog AV sources, a flat panel display, audio system, and a TouchLink®-based control system. He configures the DVS 605 through the front panel and uses the intuitive built-in Web pages to optimize the audio and video. Chris walks you through the Web pages and demonstrates a range of scaler settings, including aspect ratio control, HDCP authorization, and EDID management. With system setup complete, Chris uses the touchpanel to highlight the end-user experience of the DVS 605 A's true seamless switching, picture-in-picture, and audio embedding and de-embedding capabilities.

Duration: 16:48 Play Video

Supporting Document: Download system diagram illustrating the AV setup featured in the DVS 605 A video.
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MLS 608 D SA

In this video, Chris Bach begins by unboxing an MLS 608 D SA multi-format AV switcher and its companion, the MTP/HDMI U R twisted pair receiver. He quickly connects them into a system with HDMI and analog AV sources, an MTP Series universal twisted pair transmitter, sound reinforcement with a microphone and program audio speakers, and a control system with a TouchLink® touchpanel. Chris then completes the system installation by using the intuitive DSP Configurator™ software for audio and video setup, including EDID management and twisted pair signal optimization.

Duration: 17:00 Play Video

Supporting Document: System diagram illustrating the AV setup featured in the MLS 608 D SA video.
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Chris takes a brand new Annotator out of the box, and walks you through the simple, straightforward process of setting it up with two touchscreens, a display, and several input sources. The Extron control software is used to ensure the latest touchscreen drivers are installed. With the system up and running, Chris demonstrates how easy and effortless creating annotations can be, by simply touching an icon on the touchscreen to open up an intuitive GUI overlay for selecting an annotation tool. The GUI can also be used to switch input sources and execute many other system functions.

Duration: 18:50 Play Video

Supporting Document: System diagram as built and demonstrated by Chris Bach in the Annotator video.
Download PDF

DMP 64 with DSP Configurator Software

Watch Chris take a brand new DMP 64 Digital Matrix Processor out of the box and integrate it in a live sound reinforcement system with two microphones, two stereo sources, and two-zone audio playback with program and 70 volt speakers. Chris demonstrates how the intuitive DSP Configurator™ software can be used to quickly configure the system by setting gain levels, applying a variety of DSP tools, and routing the source signals to the speakers – all with the convenience of real-time audio monitoring and live metering.

Duration: 16:46 Play Video

Supporting Video: Chris Bach demonstrates some of the powerful convenience features of the DSP Configurator software used to configure the DMP 64, including SpeedNav, Console View, and Building Blocks.
Duration: 07:18 Play Video

MPS 409

Watch Extron Sr. Application Engineer Chris Bach set up and optimize a brand new MPS 409 presentation switcher in less than 15 minutes.

Duration: 13:01 Play Video

Supporting Video: Chris Bach follows up the MPS 409 Out of the Box Video with a closer look at DataViewer for setting audio and other adjustments, and further explains audio level normalization and microphone ducking.
Duration: 5:09 Play Video

HDCP-Compliant SMX System MultiMatrix

Watch Chris take a brand new SMX System MultiMatrix™ switcher out of the box and put it into full operation in just 15 minutes, with full HDCP compliance and quick source switching. Chris walks you through the simple, intuitive steps to configure the switcher and set up EDID management, installs an HDCP-compliant DVI I/O board, connects the sources and displays, and then demonstrates the switcher's fast operation as he switches between a variety of sources and signal types.

Duration: 14:45 Play Video

Supporting Video: Extron Senior Applications Engineer Chris Bach takes an inside look at key Extron digital video technologies designed to expedite HDMI and DVI system configuration and troubleshooting.
Duration: 6:13 Play Video

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