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Global Configurator Plus and Global Configurator Professional
Powerful Configuration Software for AV Control Systems

The Extron Global Configurator Plus and Global Configurator Professional
Global Configurator Plus and Global Configurator Professional

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  Version: 1.2.1  
New in the Current Release
Support for the IPL Pro CR88, IPL Pro IRS8, MLC Plus 84 D/EU/MK
Control Timers
Keyboard Shortcuts
Various bug fixes and usability enhancements
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Release Date: Jan. 15, 2015
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 Global Configurator Plus and Global Configurator Professional
 Pro Series Control Systems

Global Configurator™ is Extron’s most powerful and versatile control system configuration software. It is designed to be used exclusively with Extron Pro Series control systems, and helps streamline integration within today’s demanding AV control environments. Powerful features, such as conditional logic, variables, and macros provide greater flexibility for more elaborate control system designs. Global Configurator has two modes. Global Configurator Plus is ideal for smaller scale applications requiring one control processor and one control interface. Global Configurator Professional is suited for applications requiring multiple control processors, enhanced functionality, and advanced configuration. Access to Global Configurator Professional requires an individual to successfully complete the Extron Control Professional Certification.

Enhanced Functionality With Use of "if" Statements

Conditional logic allows advanced functionality by making “if” and “else” statements available. With the help of conditional logic, one can easily set up operations that are dependent upon occurrence and non-occurrence of certain events. Conditional logic with local variables also allows examination of conditions within the configured button actions before performing a task. This ultimately helps in streamlining project creation by minimizing the need for monitors and schedules.

Combining Multiple Controllers for Larger Control Systems

The Controller Groups feature allows up to four control processors to be grouped and work as one big controller. Grouping the control processors will also reduce the need for long RS-232 cable runs, as the group can span several rooms instead of being limited to a single room. This feature enables easy system expansion and ideally serves advanced systems that require more control ports than are offered in a single control processor.

New Drivers Enable Greater System Capabilities

A new class of drivers brings greater AV system performance and capabilities. The new Serial over Ethernet drivers expand control capabilities through devices such as Extron XTP Systems that are capable of IP to serial direct port control. This latest version of Global Configurator allows system designers to configure Extron IP Link Pro control processors for the latest BMS - Building Management System protocols, including BACnet, KNX, and DALI. Modern BMS allow for centralized monitoring and control of mechanical and electrical systems that include HVAC, lighting, power, fire, and security systems. The enhanced driver library includes the specific driver needed to access the building management Gateway, and thus provides access for IP Link Pro control processors to be configured for BMS control.

Adding New Equipment is Fast and Easy

Configuration changes may be required when a controlled device is replaced or additional functionality is desired. With Global Configurator Plus and Professional, modifying a configuration is fast and easy. The program creates and stores unique configuration files, which can be recalled whenever changes are required.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Intel® Core™2 Duo or equivalent Processor
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows 8 or 8.1
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, 3.5 SP1, and 4.5.1
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 500 MB of available hard disk space
  • 1280x1024 screen resolution
  • A network connection with a data transfer rate of 10 Mbps, 100Mbps/1000Mbps recommended

Software Access

  • As an Extron Insider, Global Configurator Plus is available for immediate download.
  • Become an Extron Certified Control Professional and access all the powerful features of Global Configurator Pro.


  • Designed to be used exclusively with Extron Pro Series control systems
  • Conditional logic — Allows control operations to be contingent on a variety of separate conditions.
  • Local variables — Allows the user to emulate external feedback within the project.
  • Controller groups (Accessible from Global Configurator Professional mode only) — Enables multiple control processors to function together as one for more complex systems.
  • Controller Swap — Allows an already configured control processor to be changed to a different model by mapping drivers and IO to the new control processor model.
  • Control timers — Run a set of commands after a user-specified amount of time. Timers can run once or continuously.
  • Virtual TouchLink support — The Extron Control App and Extron Control for Web provide points of control for rooms with or without TouchLink touchpanels.
  • Controller macros — Allow several commands to be connected for fast and easy implementation of control system configurations.
  • Controller templates — Use an existing project for easy creation of multiple identical configuration projects.
  • Keyboard shortcuts — Execute commonly-used functions with keyboard shortcuts
  • Enhanced user interface — Helps streamline configuration
  • Enhanced button grouping — Ability to create multiple button groups.
  • Library of enhanced Extron Certified device drivers — Device drivers allow Extron products to control various display and source devices, such as projectors, flat-panel displays, and Blu-ray players. Extron has produced fully tested Ethernet, serial, and IR device drivers.
  • Configure Extron IP Link Pro control processors with the latest BMS - Building Management System protocols, including BACnet, KNX, and DALI — These protocols allow for centralized monitoring and control of mechanical and electrical systems that include HVAC, lighting, power, fire, and security.
  • String support within drivers — Serial and Ethernet drivers will now have the ability to accept ASCII commands.
  • Driver replacement maintains configuration settings when a driver is replaced — Updating a driver does not require re-entering device configuration settings.
  • GlobalViewer system designer — Drag-and-drop tool for organizing equipment in the Global View according to your specific needs.
  • Scheduling and monitoring wizards — Step users through all of the scheduling and monitoring options available.
  • Multiple action scheduling — Schedule multiple simultaneous actions at a specific day and time on a single IP Link Pro control processor or MediaLink Plus controller.
  • Event reporting — E-mail messages can be used to track device status and usage data for creating reports and making purchase decisions.
  • Intelligent upload manager — Optimizes the upload process by compiling and uploading only the necessary changes. The entire process, including error checking, compiling all files, and uploading GlobalViewer Web pages, graphics, and driver files to the IP Link Pro control processor or MediaLink Plus controller in your system, takes only seconds.
  • Two different methods for sorting and displaying control processors in a system — Sorted and displayed in a List view and a Detail view.
  • Project AutoSave — When the Enable Project AutoSave option in the Application Settings dialog is enabled, Global Configurator automatically saves the current project at a regular interval. The timer is configurable from 1 to 120 minutes. When a project has been changed, Global Configurator saves the project file, if the user has not done so, based on the timer's settings. Additionally, Global Configurator will make a backup copy of the current project when the user performs a manual file save.

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