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XPA 2002
Two Channel Amplifier - 200 Watts Per Channel

Energy Star

The Extron XPA 2002
XPA 2002

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  Model Version Description Part #        
  XPA 2002-70V   70 V Two Channel Amp - 200 Watts/Ch   60-883-02      
  XPA 2002-100V   100 V Two Channel Amp - 200 Watts/Ch   60-883-12      

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The Extron XTRA™ Series XPA 2002 is a 1U, convection-cooled power amplifier delivering two channels of 200 watts rms for high impedance applications. This professional grade amplifier features a 100 dB signal-to-noise ratio with 0.1% THD+N. The XPA 2002 is an ENERGY STAR® qualified amplifier with an Extron exclusive, highly efficient, advanced Class D amplifier design. It also features patented CDRS™ - Class D Ripple Suppression technology that provides a smooth, clean audio waveform and an improvement in signal fidelity over conventional Class D amplifiers. The XPA 2002 is half the size of comparable amplifiers, conserving rack space and weighing only 9 lbs (4 kg). The Extron exclusive, high efficiency design generates very little heat and allows the amplifier to be convection cooled.

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