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WPB 109
One-Gang WPB - Wallplate for HDMI, VGA, and Stereo Audio

The Extron WPB 109
WPB 109

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  Model Version Description Part #        
WPB 109   Black   60-1371-11      
WPB 109   White   60-1371-21      

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The Extron WPB 109 wallplate for HDMI, VGA, and Stereo Audio is specifically designed for a standard one gang-sized junction box. It features a pass-through VGA female to VGA female on 6” pigtail, HDMI female adapter on 10” pigtail, and a 3.5 mm stereo mini jack to captive screw for ease of integration in classrooms, conference rooms, and other facilities where convenient, wall-mounted AV connectivity is required. The HDMI and VGA cables facilitate DDC transmission, such as of EDID communications and HDCP key exchange, between the display and the source. The WPB 109 wallplate is made of metal and is available in black or white finish.

Quick Reference
 WPB 109 Wallplate Installation Guide (Manual)

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