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VN-Matrix 300
3G-SDI Over IP Codec

The Extron  VN-Matrix 300
VN-Matrix 300

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  Model Version Description Part #        
VNC 300 3G-SDI   Codec for 3G-SDI   60-1124-01      
VND 300 SDI   Decoder for SDI   60-1125-01      

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The VN‑Matrix® 300 enables streaming of SDI, HD‑SDI, or 3G‑SDI video and embedded audio over IP networks. It produces excellent image quality at highly efficient bit rates with low latency. The VN‑Matrix 300 utilizes Extron's PURE3® compression technology which exceeds many of the performance characteristics of existing compression formats, delivering visually lossless image quality with low latency, and providing exceptionally robust protection against network errors, making it ideal for quality-critical applications.

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