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VoiceLift Microphone Systems Retired

Complete Microphone Systems for Classroom Voice Amplification
This product has been retired. Suggested Replacement:
Key Features
  • Integrated 50 watt rms audio amplifier for stereo or dual mono audio
  • Supports up to two microphones per classroom for team teaching or student participation
  • Includes one pair of Extron patented Flat Field® speakers for consistent sound levels across the listening area
  • Lightweight pendant and handheld microphones operate for an entire school day on a single, rechargeable AA battery or standard AA battery
  • Instant Alert feature on the pendant enables the teacher to request assistance with the push of a button
  • Uses infrared signals that, unlike RF signals, do not pass through walls and are not subject to interference
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Model Version Description Part #  
VLS 1000 Single Pendant Complete VoiceLift System 42-134-01 Retired
  VLS 2000 Dual Pendant Complete VoiceLift System 42-134-02 Retired
VLS 2000H Pendant and Handheld VoiceLift System 42-134-22 Retired

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