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The Extron UPB 25 Universal Projector Mounting Bracket is an easy to use, universal projector mount compatible with most projectors up to 25 pounds (11 kg). The UPB 25 simplifies the mounting of countless projectors, eliminating the need to stock a wide variety of proprietary mounts. The versatile UPB 25 features independent adjustment of roll, plus or minus 4 degrees of horizontal tilt, pitch, plus or minus 25 degrees of vertical angle, and yaw, 360 degrees of rotation on a pole mount or 10 degrees when mounted flush to the ceiling, for precise control of each axis and exact projector alignment. Locking mechanisms maintain original positioning settings when servicing requires that the projector with attached bracket arm assembly be removed from the mounting assembly. The UPB 25 is available in white.

Installation Resources
 PoleVault® System Installation Video (Login required)

Quick Reference
 UPB 25 Installation Guide (Manual)

  UPB 25 Security Kit Optional Security Hardware

  PCA 100
  PMP Series


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