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TeamWork 600
Pre-Configured Collaboration System for Six Digital Sources

The Extron TeamWork 600
TeamWork 600

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  TeamWork 600   120 VAC, with US AC outlets   42-247-01      

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The Extron TeamWork® 600 System is a complete, pre-configured collaboration system for six digital sources. The package includes six HDMI "Show Me" cables, an SW6 HDMI six-input HDMI switcher, a system controller, a Cable Cubby® Series/2 enclosure, and other necessary system cables. The TeamWork 600 system is pre-configured for ease of installation with virtually any furniture system, new or currently in use. This collaboration system also supports legacy analog computer sources with the optional TeamWork VGA Kit. Optional mounting hardware is available to facilitate different collaboration table or work surface designs. The TeamWork system is ideal for corporate and education applications that require a reliable, easy-to-use collaboration system that adapts to evolving collaboration needs.

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