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SW VGA Series
VGA and Stereo Audio Switchers

The Extron SW VGA Series
SW VGA Series

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  Model Version Description Part #        
  SW2 VGA Ars   Two Inputs, One Output, & Audio   60-257-22      
  SW4 VGA Ars   Four Inputs, One Output, & Audio   60-258-22      
  SW6 VGA Ars   Six Inputs, One Output, & Audio   60-259-22      
SW8 VGA Ars   Eight Inputs, Two Outputs, & Audio   60-902-21      

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The SW VGA Series are VGA switchers with two, four, six, or eight inputs. They are designed for applications where multiple high resolution computer video or HDTV component video signals must be switched to one or two displays. The eight input SW VGA switcher offers dual buffered video and audio outputs, which eliminates the additional cost of a VGA and audio distribution amplifier for dual-display applications. The SW VGA Series switchers are ideal for small to mid-sized applications where high resolution switching is needed.

Quick Reference
 SW VGA Series (Brochure)
 Audio Connector Wiring Instruction Card (Manual)
 SW VGArs / Ars Setup Guide (Manual)
 SW VGArs /Ars (Manual)
 SW8/SW12 VGA Ars (Manual)
 SW8/SW12 VGA Ars setup guide (Manual)

  VGA SM VGA “Show Me” Control Cable
  MBD 129 Through-Desk Mount Kit for 1/4 or 1/2 Rack Width, Two-Piece Enclosures
  MBU 125 Low-Profile Mount Kit for 1/4 and 1/2 Rack Width, Two-Piece Enclosures
  RSU 129 Universal Rack Shelf Kit for 9.5" Deep Products
  CCR 204 Four-Button Contact Closure Remote
  CCR 306 Six-Button Contact Closure Remote
  KP 6 Keypad Remote Control
  VSW I AAP Remote Input and Control Panel AAP - Architectural Adapter Plate for VSW 2VGA A Switcher and SW VGA Series Switchers
  IR 102 Remote Control Kit IR to RS-232 or Contact Closure Conversion Kit
  CSR 6 Captive Screw to RCA Female Audio Adapter


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