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The SMD 101 is a compact, high performance H.264 decoder used with Extron SME 100 encoders to provide complete end-to-end AV streaming systems. The SMD 101 is used in H.264 enterprise streaming applications to decode live streams from SME 100 encoders or play back network-accessible AV media files available from network shares. It is compatible with streaming resolutions and refresh rates up to 1080p/60. The output resolution is selectable from 640x480 to 1920x1200. The SMD 101 offers integration-friendly control features such as IR remote, wired IR, RS-232, or Ethernet and an easy-to-navigate Web interface providing simple, flexible control and management options. This compact, energy-efficient decoder is an ideal counterpart to the SME 100 encoder in overflow, monitoring, multi-channel streaming systems, high resolution signage, and messaging applications.

Quick Reference
 SMD 101 (Brochure)
 SMD 101 Setup Guide (Manual)
 SMD 101 User Guide (Manual)

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