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SMB 100 Series
Surface Mount Boxes

The Extron SMB 100 Series
SMB 100 Series

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  Model Version Description Part #        
  SMB 101   One-gang, black   60-1292-02      
  SMB 102   Two-gang, black   60-1293-02      
  SMB 103   Three-gang, black   60-1294-02      
  SMB 104   Four-gang, black   60-1295-02      
  SMB 105   Five-gang, black   60-1296-02      
  SMB 107   Seven-gang, black   60-1297-02      

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The Extron SMB 100 Series Surface Mount Boxes are designed for the external mounting of almost all Extron architectural products, including wallplates, AAP - Architectural Adapter Plates, and MediaLink® Controllers. Each box is designed to be surface mounted on a tabletop or wall for convenient access to connectors and controls.

The back and bottom of the boxes feature AAP openings. The quantity of AAPs that can be installed varies with the size of the box. Blank AAP panels are included to fill unused openings.

These durable metal boxes are offered in six different sizes and are available in black.

Quick Reference
 SMB 100 Series Installation Guide (Manual)

  Blank Plate - Double Double Space AAP - Black: Blank Plate 70-090-12
  Blank Plate - Single Single Space AAP - Black: Blank Plate 70-090-11

  AAP 314
  AAP 424


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