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Five Conductor RG6 Super High Resolution Cable

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The Extron RG6-5

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RG6-5/500   Non-Plenum 500' (152 m) spool   22-100-02   Retired

This product has been retired.
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Extron RG6-5 five conductor RG6 super high resolution cable is able to handle the highest-resolution signals with the lowest losses and is ideal for the most critical applications and longest cable runs, including high scan rate analog and demanding SDI/HD-SDI applications. Signal loss, seen as an image's loss of brightness and sharpness or data errors in digital systems, can be experienced when cable runs extend over long distances. Signals that run at higher frequencies are especially vulnerable to signal loss over long distance cable runs. The RG6-5 cable is perfect for lengthy cable runs because it carries ultra high resolution workstation graphics as well as low resolution video with minimal signal loss, ensuring the best transmission of video signals.

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