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Retractor XL
Extended Length Cable Retraction System for Cable Cubby Enclosures

The Extron Retractor XL
Retractor XL

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EMEA InAVation Awards 2013 Technology Finalist
  Model Version Description Part #        
  Retractor XL VGA   VGA Male to Male   70-1001-01      
  Retractor XL Network   Network CAT 6e   70-1001-13      
  Retractor XL HDMI   HDMI Male to Male   70-1001-04      
  Retractor XL USB   USB A Male to Male   70-1001-05      
  Retractor XL DisplayPort   DisplayPort Male to Male   70-1001-07      
  Retractor XL DC   DC Power Extension: Dell, HP, other PCs   70-1001-10      
  Retractor XL VGA-A   VGA M-M and 3.5 mm Stereo M-M   70-1001-11      
  Retractor Horizontal Mounting Bracket Kit   For Horizontal Mounting Applications   70-678-00      
  Retractor Filler Module   Filler Module   70-678-08      
  Cable Cubby 200 Bracket   Holds Two Retractor Modules   70-678-10      
  Cable Cubby 202 Retractor Bracket   Holds Three Retractor Modules   70-1043-02      

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The Extron Retractor XL is a patented cable retraction and management system designed to work with new or previously installed Cable Cubby®, Cable Cubby Series/2, and TouchLink Cable Cubby cable enclosures. The Retractor XL is available in versions to support most AV and data signal types, including HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, Network, and USB. The cables extend up to five feet (152 cm) and are held securely in place at the desired length. The Extron Retractor Series is also available for applications where cable extension of three feet (90 cm) is appropriate.

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