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Quantum Elite
HDCP-Compliant Scalable Videowall Processing System

The Extron Quantum Elite
Quantum Elite

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  Model Version Description Part #        
Quantum Elite 615   6U/15 Slot Card Frame   Call      
Quantum Elite 408   4U/8 Slot Card Frame   Call      
QEC O2   Two Output DVI/RGBHV Card   Call      
QEC O2HDMI   Two Output HDMI Card   Call      
QEC I12VID   12 Input Video/S-Video Card   Call      
QEC I2RGB   Two Input Analog RGB/YUV Card   Call      
QEC I2DVI   Two Input DVI Card   Call      
QEC I2HDMI   Two Input HDMI Card   Call      
QEC I2SDI   Two Input 3G-SDI Card   Call      
QGE 100   Quantum Graphics Encoder   Call      
S3 Product Commissioning   Product Commissioning Services   Call      

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The Extron Quantum® Elite is an HDCP-compliant, scalable, expandable videowall processor configurable to support a variety of input, output, and windowing capabilities. It features high performance video scaling capable of producing very high quality images. The Quantum Elite offers two card cages that support various combinations of input and output cards for 3G-SDI, HDMI, DVI, RGB, HDTV or video sources. Each HDMI or DVI-I dual output card supports up to 128 video/graphic source windows, and multiple Quantum Elite card cages can be cascaded to create very large display arrays. A dedicated, high-speed video/graphic bus maintains real-time performance even under heavy loading of inputs.

Quick Reference
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Application Profiles
 Quantum Elite Enhances Visibility of IDEAS Research Data at Chubu University
 Extron Quantum Elite and Christie MicroTiles Bring a Visually Stunning Display to Emerson Visitors
 Extron Quantum Elite Powers Videowalls for London Metropolitan Police Service
 Quantum Elite Powers Immersive Display at GE’s New Customer Experience Center
 UK Highways Agency Monitors Road Traffic with Extron Scalable Videowall Processing


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