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VGA-A 90UF-M BK Series
Male VGA Backshell to Female 90° Up VGA Molded Connectors with Audio Cables

Retired Product
The Extron VGA-A 90UF-M BK Series
VGA-A 90UF-M BK Series

  Model Version Description Part #        
VGA-A 90UF-M BK/3   3' (90 cm)   26-509-21   Retired
VGA-A 90UF-M BK/6   6' (1.8 m)   26-509-22   Retired
VGA-A 90UF-M BK/12   12' (3.6 m)   26-509-23   Retired

This product has been retired.
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The Extron VGA-A 90UF-M BK Series uses Extron MHRVGA Cable with a 15-pin HD male backshell connector and an audio cable with a stereo mini plug on one end and a 90 degree upward 15-pin HD molded female connector with stereo mini plug on the opposite end. On one side, the audio cable is 24 inches long, and on the other side, the audio cable is 8 inches long. The 90° connector angle enables low profile cable connections to a 15-pin HD interface or mountable DA in a upward direction (indicated as "90U" in description). Pin 9 is passed through for +5VDC power.


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