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MTPX Plus 6400 Series
MTP Twisted Pair Matrix Switcher for RGBHV, Video, Audio, and RS-232

The Extron MTPX Plus 6400 Series
MTPX Plus 6400 Series

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  Model Version Description Part #        
MTPX Plus 6464   64x64   60-1042-01      
MTPX Plus 6448   64x48   60-1041-01      
MTPX Plus 6432   64x32   60-1040-01      
MTPX Plus 4864   48x64   60-1039-01      
MTPX Plus 4848   48x48   60-1038-01      

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The Extron MTPX Plus 6400 Series represents the next level of large-scale twisted pair matrix switching, building on the success of the MTPX Plus Series product line. The MTPX Plus 6400 Series simplifies the design and integration of complex twisted pair matrix switching systems by offering advanced, integration-friendly features that dramatically reduce costs associated with rack space, cabling, and installation. The MTPX Plus 6400 Series is available in five different I/O sizes, from 48x48 to 64x64. In addition to offering all of the same features found in the MTPX Plus Series, the MTPX Plus 6400 Series provides EDID Minder® for local inputs and outputs, RS-232 insertion from the Ethernet port to individual or all MTP outputs, and switchable video pre-peaking on all outputs.

Quick Reference
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Application Profiles
 Dial Corporation Uses Extron Equipment to Provide Any Signal Anywhere
 Fort Leavenworth Conference Center Installs MTPX Plus 64x64 Matrix Switcher for AV System


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