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Extron PoleVault® Systems are complete, easy-to-use AV switching and control systems designed for classrooms with a ceiling mounted projector. PoleVault Systems use economical twisted pair cable for transmitting signals and include network connectivity for Web-based AV resource management, monitoring, and control. Extron PoleVault Systems take their name from the unique PMK 550 Pole Mount Kit that securely mounts and conceals system components above the projector.

Installation Resources
 PoleVault® System Installation Video (Login required)

Quick Reference
 PoleVault Systems (Brochure)
 PoleVault Systems for K-12 (Brochure)
 PoleVault IP Systems Installation Guide (featuring the PVS 305SA IP) (Manual)
 PoleVault System Installation Guide (featuring the PVS 305SA) (Manual)
 PoleVault Systems Installation Guide (featuring the PVS 204SA) (Manual)
 PVS 204SA Plus Installation Notes - Addendum (Manual)
 PVS 204SA PoleVault Switcher User's Manual (Manual)
 PVS 305SA PoleVault Switcher Setup Guide (Manual)
 PVS 305SA PoleVault Switcher User's Manual (Manual)
 VoiceLift Microphone Setup Guide (Manual)
 VoiceLift Microphone System Installation Guide (Manual)
 VoiceLift Microphone System User Guide (Manual)
 VoiceLift Microphone with PVS 405D Installation Guide (Manual)
 VoiceLift Microphone with PVS 405D Setup Guide (Manual)
 VoiceLift Microphone with PVS 405D User Guide (Manual)

White Papers
 Classroom Sound Field Amplification (Login required)
 Flat Field Technology (Login required)

Application Profiles
 Immersive Technology and Classroom AV Prepare Salem Lutheran Students for Bright Futures
 Leander ISD Uses GlobalViewer Enterprise to Support Large Number of Classroom AV Systems


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