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MGP 464
Four Window Multi-Window Processor

The Extron MGP 464
MGP 464

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  Model Version Description Part #        
  MGP 464 DI   Four Windows, With 4 DVI Inputs   60-771-02      

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The Extron MGP 464 Four Window Multi-Window Processor is a powerful, high resolution graphics processor that enables the simultaneous display of four images on a single screen. It is ideal for applications demanding critical quality graphics and video presentations, including command and control centers, videoconferencing, medical facilities, courtrooms, and boardrooms. The MGP 464 combines high performance graphics scaling with flexible and customizable picture-in-picture functionality.

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Application Profiles
 Big Al’s Entertainment Center Lights Up the Night With Extron MGP 464 Multi-Graphic Processors
 University College London Hospital: Extron's MGP 464 Facilitates Training for the Next Generation of Doctors


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