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JMP 9600
Two-Channel JPEG 2000 HD Video Player

The Extron JMP 9600
JMP 9600

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  Model Version Description Part #        
JMP 9600 HD   JPEG 2000 Media Player HD   60-1135-01      
JMP 9600 HD 128   JPEG 2000 Media Player HD 128 GB SSD   60-1135-02      
JMP 9600 2K   JPEG 2000 Media Player 2K   60-1136-01      
JMP 9600 2K 128   JPEG 2000 Media Player 2K 128 GB SSD   60-1136-02      

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The JMP 9600 HD and JMP 9600 2K are high resolution video players that provide 2D and 3D playback of JPEG 2000 encoded video files at up to 250 Mbps. The players are ideal for entertainment and commercial applications where superior image quality is critical to the audience experience. The JMP 9600 offers two playback channels that can be independently controlled or synchronized for super widescreen or 3D displays.

Quick Reference
 JMP 9600 (Brochure)
 JMP 9600 Setup guide (Manual)
 JMP 9600 User Guide (Manual)
 JPEG 2000 Encoder User Guide (Manual)

  J2KENC & J2KENC PRO JPEG 2000 Encoder Software for JMP 9600 Media Players
  PDA 108 Player Sync Distribution Amplifier for JMP 9600
  RG59 Single Conductor RG59 High Resolution Cable

Application Profiles
 Extron JMP 9600 High Definition Players Contribute to a Dramatic Production at The National WWII Museum
 Extron JMP 9600 Video Players Inspire World Expo Visitors with a Visually Stunning View of the USA


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