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The J2KENC JPEG 2000 Encoder Software allows users to prepare HD or 2K video and multichannel audio content for playback in Extron JMP 9600 media players. J2KENC software provides basic encoding functionality while the J2KENC PRO provides higher speed processing plus more editing and encoding tools. Both software applications operate on Microsoft® Windows® computing platforms. This software allows preparation of content for playback on the JMP 9600 without the need for external encoding services.

Quick Reference
 J2KENC, J2KENC PRO (Brochure)
 JPEG 2000 Encoder User Guide (Manual)

Application Profiles
 Extron JMP 9600 High Definition Players Contribute to a Dramatic Production at The National WWII Museum
 Extron JMP 9600 Video Players Inspire World Expo Visitors with a Visually Stunning View of the USA


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