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The Extron IPCP 505 is an IP Link® control processor designed to support larger configurable control systems. The IPCP 505 integrates Ethernet connectivity into AV systems, giving users the ability to remotely control, monitor, and troubleshoot AV equipment, including display devices and switchers. With a high performance embedded Web server, multiple bidirectional serial ports, relays, flex I/O ports, and an Ethernet port, as well as four independently switched 12 VDC outputs, this control processor is ideal for applications that require control for multiple devices within a large-scale AV system. Bidirectional ports provide simultaneous two-way control and monitoring of serially controlled devices such as displays, switchers, and other AV equipment.

Quick Reference
 IPCP 505 (Brochure)
 TouchLink (Brochure)
 IPCP 505 Setup Guide (Manual)
 IPCP 505 User Guide (Manual)

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