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FOX Matrix 320x
Modular Fiber Optic Matrix Switcher from 16x16 to 320x320

The Extron FOX Matrix 320x
FOX Matrix 320x

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Matrix 1K Switcher Program
  Model Version Description Part #        
FOX Matrix 320x   FOX Matrix 320x Frame   60-1082-01      
FOX I/O 1616 MM   16x16 I/O Board - Multimode   70-771-21      
FOX I/O 1616 SM   16x16 I/O Board - Singlemode   70-771-22      
FOX 3G I/O 1616 SM P   16x16 I/O Board - Singlemode, Path Comp   70-965-01      
FOX I/O 1616 HD-SDI   16x16 I/O Board - 3G-SDI   70-966-01      
FOX Matrix Blank Plate   Blank Plate - Single I/O Slot   70-651-21      
FOX Matrix 320x Power Supply Kit   Replacement Power Supply Kit   70-772-02      
Replacement Fan Kit   FOX 7200, 14400, 320x & DMS 3600 Fan Kit   70-814-01      

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The Extron FOX Matrix 320x is a high performance, modular fiber optic matrix switcher for complete, end-to-end digital AV signal transmission and routing over fiber optic cable. The matrix switcher is expandable from 16x16 up to 320x320 and is fully compatible with the FOX Series of fiber optic transmitters and receivers. It features high speed, all-digital switching of pixel-for-pixel DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, 3G-SDI, high resolution computer-video, and standard definition video. Equipped with integrator-friendly features common to Extron matrix switchers, together with hot-swappable I/O boards and fan, real-time system monitoring, and redundant, hot-swappable power supplies, the FOX Matrix 320x delivers highly reliable, enterprise-wide switching of fiber optic AV and control for mission-critical environments.

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