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DVI 110 Plus
DVI Signal Regenerator and Audio Extender with EDID Minder®

Retired Product
The Extron DVI 110 Plus
DVI 110 Plus

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  Model Version Description Part #        
  DVI 110 Plus D   Decora - White   60-1263-22   Retired
  DVI 110 Plus AAP   AAP - Black   60-1264-12   Retired
  DVI 110 Plus AAP   AAP - White   60-1264-22   Retired

This product has been retired.
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The Extron DVI 110 Plus is a DVI signal regenerator and audio extender with EDID Minder®. It retimes and reshapes marginal or noisy DVI-D signals, ensuring a strong, stable digital signal. It supports HDMI signals with the use of appropriate adapters. The DVI 110 Plus features EDID Minder, which maintains continuous EDID communication with the source and ensures proper video output even if the display device is off. It also accepts unbalanced computer stereo audio and converts it to balanced, line level stereo audio, eliminating noise usually associated with unbalanced audio over long cable runs. The DVI 110 Plus is available in Decora®-style and AAP form factors and is ideal for improving system performance by eliminating digital signal noise and reducing jitter at the output of the source.


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