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PoleVault Digital Systems
Complete AV Switching and Control Systems for Digital Sources

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The Extron PoleVault Digital Systems
PoleVault Digital Systems

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Classroom AV System Builder
  Model Version Description Part #        
PVS 200D   Two Input Digital PoleVault   42-207-03      
PVS 400D   Four Input Digital PoleVault   42-208-03      
PLS 200D   Two Input Digital PlenumVault, CM   42-220-03      
PLS 400D   Four Input Digital PlenumVault, CM   42-221-03      
PLS 210D   Two Input Digital PlenumVault, NM   42-230-03      
PLS 410D   Four Input Digital PlenumVault, NM   42-231-03      
WVS 200D   Two Input Digital WallVault, UST   42-209-03      
WVS 400D   Four Input Digital WallVault, UST   42-210-03      
WVS 210D   Two Input Digital WallVault, WM   42-211-03      
WVS 410D   Four Input Digital WallVault, WM   42-212-03      

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Extron PoleVault® Digital Systems are complete, easy-to-use AV switching and control systems that seamlessly integrate digital and analog video sources. Each system uses economical twisted pair cable for transmitting signals and includes network connectivity for Web-based AV resource management, monitoring, and control. These standard two and four input systems include all the necessary audio and video switching, audio amplification, system control, source connectivity, speakers, mounting hardware, and cabling for a complete classroom AV solution. All that remains is to add the display device and sources.

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