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Cable Cubby Hole Plug and Grommet Kit
Assorted Plugs and Grommets for Cable Pass Through AAPs and Cable Cubby® Enclosures

The Extron Cable Cubby Hole Plug and Grommet Kit
Cable Cubby Hole Plug and Grommet Kit

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  Model Version Description Part #        
Cable Cubby Hole Plug and Grommet Kit   Assorted plugs and grommets in black   70-387-01      

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The Extron Cable Cubby® Hole Plug and Grommet Kit includes one each of small, medium, and large grommets and plugs for use with all Cable Cubby 200, 300C, 300S, 600, and 800 Series enclosures. The grommets can also be used with optional Cable Cubby Cable Pass-Through AAP - Architectural Adapter Plates to allow smooth pull-through cable connections while maximizing cable protection. The plugs fill unused cable pass-through openings in the Pass-Through AAPs. Grommets and plugs are available in black.

  Cable Pass-Through AAPs Single Space AAPs for Cable Organization

  Cable Cubby 300C
  Cable Cubby 300S
  Cable Cubby 600
  Cable Cubby 800


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