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Cable Cubby® 800
Furniture-Mountable Enclosure for Cables, AAPs, and AC Power Outlets

The Extron Cable Cubby® 800
Cable Cubby® 800
(Shown with Optional Extron Products)

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  Model Version Description Part #        
Cable Cubby 800   Black - with US AC Module   60-524-01      
Cable Cubby 800   Black-AC Module Not Included   60-715-00      
Cable Cubby 800   Brushed Aluminum-AC Module Not Included   60-715-10      

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The Extron Cable Cubby® 800 is an elegant, metal enclosure that can be mounted into a tabletop or other flat surface. The Cable Cubby's lid slides out of the way when it is fully open and lifts easily to close. When the cables are not being used, they can be stored out of sight while remaining connected to the system, offering a discreet way to access cables and connection points as they are needed. The Cable Cubby 800 is available in a black anodized or brushed aluminum finish. AC power modules are available for the US, Europe, and other major world markets.

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  Cable Cubby Hole Plug and Grommet Kit Assorted plugs and grommets in black 70-387-01
  Cable Pass-Through AAP Single Space AAP - Black: Right Version, Grommets Included 70-267-01
  Cable Pass-Through AAP Single Space AAP - Black: Right/Middle Version, Grommets Included 70-268-01
  Cable Pass-Through AAP Single Space AAP - Black: Left/Middle Version, Grommets Included 70-269-01
  Cable Pass-Through AAP Single Space AAP - Black: Left Version, Grommets Included 70-270-01

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Application Profiles
 Cable Cubby Enclosures Provide Elegant Solution for NHL Headquarters


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