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  Model Version Description Part #        
Annotator   Standard Version   60-968-01      
Annotator SC   Scan Converted Output   60-968-03      
Annotator SO   Second Scaled Output   60-968-05      
Annotator DI/DVI   SDI/HD-SDI Input, DVI-D Output   60-968-12      
Annotator DI/SC   SDI/HD-SDI Input, Scan Converted Output   60-968-13      
Annotator DI/SO   SDI/HD-SDI Input, Second Scaled Output   60-968-15      
Annotator DI/3G-SDI   SDI/HD-SDI Input, 3G/HD-SDI Output   60-968-16      

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The Extron Annotator is a high performance, hardware-based annotation processor for video and computer-video sources. It allows the presenter to draw, point, or add text to electronic presentation materials using a touchscreen and/or a keyboard and mouse. The Annotator supports all common digital and analog video formats, from high resolution DVI, RGBHV, and optional HD-SDI to composite video. Input video is scaled and made available in a variety of output formats, including analog RGB and Extron MTP Twisted Pair, as well as optional DVI, 3G-SDI/HD-SDI, scan-converted video, or auxiliary scaled DVI-I. The Annotator is ideal for applications that require the overlay of graphics and text within AV presentations, including schools, law enforcement, medicine, telepresence, and live events.

Quick Reference
 Annotator (Brochure)
 Annotator and USP 507 Output Boards Installation Guide (Manual)
 Annotator Compatibility List (Manual)
 Annotator Setup Guide (Manual)
 Annotator User Guide (Manual)

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