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Hideaway HSA 300
HSA – Hideaway Surface Access Enclosure with AV Connectivity, AC Power, and USB Power

The Extron Hideaway HSA 300
Hideaway HSA 300

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  Model Version Description Part #        
  HSA 300 US   US - Black Anodized   60-1422-0A      
  HSA 300 UK   UK – Black Anodized   60-1422-0B      
  HSA 300 EU   EU - Black Anodized   60-1422-0D      
  HSA 300 MULTI   Multi-Region - Black Anodized   60-1422-0J      

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The Extron Hideaway® HSA 300 is a compact, tilt-up, furniture-mountable enclosure for inconspicuous access to AV connectivity, AC power, and USB power. It features pass-through connectors for HDMI, VGA, Stereo Audio, and Network signals, one unswitched AC outlet, and two 5 VDC USB power outlets for charging mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. When closed, the HSA 300 sits virtually flush with the table surface. To open, press the top of the enclosure and the HSA 300 slowly pivots into view, presenting the connectors at an ergonomic 49 degree angle to the tabletop. The HSA 300 is available with one US, UK, Central Europe, or Multi-Region AC outlet that’s compatible with a variety of AC plug types. The HSA 300 is available in a durable black anodized finish to complement most furniture styles and room decor.

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  PS 1210 C 12V, 1A Power Supply on Captive Screw 70-775-01

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