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Connectivity Configurator

Connectivity Configurator

The Extron Connectivity Configurator is an interactive, drag-and-drop, online tool for designing and customizing architectural connector installations. This tool presents an up to the minute list of every Extron AAP – Architectural Adapter Plate and MAAP – Mini Architectural Adapter Plate currently available. Click on the appropriate button below to see the available mounting options. After selecting the appropriate style and color of the desired mounting option, users can easily sort through the hundreds of connector options and simply drag and drop their selections into place. The resulting configuration can be printed for inclusion in customer presentations and documentation.

Key features include:

  • Sort capability - Find connectors by signal or connector type
  • Drag-and-drop tool - Configure mounting frames with desired functionality
  • Color selector - Change available colors on the fly
  • Print capability - Print a Summary of individual configurations, photo and parts list, for files or client sign-off
  • Three-step purchase process - View pricing, add configurations to shopping cart, then buy - requires Dealer Web site login
  • Save functionality - Save configurations for later recall and use
  • Export to Excel® - Export configuration data to popular database format

To start the Connectivity Configurator, select a mounting option using one of the buttons below.

Furniture Mounts - Cable Access
Furniture Mounts – Cable Access
Furniture Mounts - Hideaways
Furniture Mounts – Hideaway
Furniture Mounts - Table Mount Kits
Furniture Mounts – Table Mount Kits
Cable Cubby® Furniture-Mountable enclosures offer elegant cable management solutions, providing discreet access to AV cables and power. Hideaway® Surface Access Enclosures provide inconspicuous access to computer-video interfaces and controls. Designed for applications in which a user needs easy access to cables or AV connectivity beneath a tabletop or other furniture surface.
Rack Mounts
Rack Mounts
Wall Mounts
Wall Mounts
MediaLink & Control Panel Mounts
MediaLink® Control Panel Mounts
Designed to mount Architectural Adapter Plates into an equipment rack Designed for easy installation of Architectural Adapter Plates into walls and other flat surfaces Wall and lectern mount controllers and faceplates with openings for four or more single-space Architectural Adapter plates
Floor Mounts
Floor Mounts
Ideal for mounting Architectural Adapter Plates into third-party floor boxes

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