DVS 510

The Extron DVS 510 is a 10 input, multi-format Presentation Scaling Switcher that accepts and scales DVI, RGB, HDTV, and standard definition signals to a common, high resolution output rate. The DVS 510 is HDCP-compliant and features simultaneous DVI and two analog RGB/YUV outputs. It is a true presentation switcher for professional environments, with audio switching for all video input sources, an available 50 watt stereo integrated amplifier, picture-in-picture, and glitch-free switching. The DVS 510 also offers flexible control options including front panel control, Ethernet, RS-232, and IR.

Ten Input Multi-Format Video Switcher

To accommodate a variety of sources, the DVS 510 features a 10 input switcher that accepts DVI, RGB computer video, HDTV, S-video, and composite video. The DVS 510 therefore provides the capability to integrate analog and digital video devices, and HDCP compliance enables integration of Blu-ray Disc players and cable or satellite HD receivers.

EDID Emulation

The DVS 510 features EDID Emulation which allows pre-stored EDID, based on a user selected resolution, to be assigned to the sources. By maintaining continuous EDID communication with all sources, EDID Emulation ensures that DVI and VGA sources power up properly and maintain their video outputs whether or not they are actively connected to the display device through the switcher's outputs.

Audio Switching and Available Integrated Amplifier

The DVS 510 also includes 10 input stereo audio switching to accompany incoming video sources. Input gain and attenuation adjustment is provided for each analog input, and the DVS 510 provides master volume control on the front panel. Also included are bass and treble controls, as well as integrated audio delay to maintain audio sync with the processed video output.

The DVS 510 is available with two audio output variations: the standard DVS 510 offers fixed and variable line level audio outputs, while the DVS 510 SA adds an integrated stereo amplifier with 25 watts rms output per channel into 4 or 8 ohms. The DVS 510 SA features an Extron exclusive, highly efficient, advanced Class D amplifier design with patented CDRS™ - Class D Ripple Suppression technology that provides a smooth, clean audio waveform and an improvement in signal fidelity over conventional Class D amplifier designs.

High Performance Video Processing

The DVS 510 features a high performance 30-bit scaling engine with the ability to scale standard definition video, HDTV, and RGB signals up or down in resolution. It accepts computer-video signals up to 1920x1200 and HDTV 1080p/60, and outputs DVI and analog RGB or component video at selectable output rates from up to 1920x1200, including HDTV 1080p/60 and 2K.

Create Professional Quality Presentations

For more effective, professional presentations, the DVS 510 includes glitch-free switching with selectable cut or fade to black transitions. The DVS 510 also features a PIP picture-in-picture mode that allows a video source and a high resolution source to be shown on one display. Several PIP presets are available, including side-by-side windows, and the PIP window can be dynamically sized and positioned anywhere in the image.

Multiple Options for Control and Operation

The DVS 510 features front panel controls for quick access to functions. Remote configuration and control are available via RS-232, Ethernet, and optional IR remote control. The DVS 510 is housed in a 2U, full rack width enclosure and can easily be integrated into many environments.


DVS 510