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XTP Systems

KONTEK Systems

Jeremy Shaffer
Design Engineer

“The XTP System solution for AV distribution over twisted pair was the best fit for this project. The comprehensive initial training, combined with the many integrated capabilities of XTP reinforced the ease of use and benefits provided by this system.”

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BAP Technology Consultants Ltd.

Marco Tang
Director of Sales

“The XTP System continuously delivers extremely high switching and transmission performance for the wide variety of digital and analog video formats used.”

“We selected Extron’s XTP System to fulfill the request for an AV solution that was compatible with the latest digital devices while also supporting legacy laptops.”

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Ryan Poe, CTS-D, CTS-I
Senior Engineer

"Extron’s XTP solution was a perfect fit for our customer who was upgrading their legacy analog system to digital. The online design resources made the quoting process simple and the feature set made it an easy sell to the customer, especially the ability to upgrade and adapt over time. The integration of the system was trouble-free and our commissioning time was about half of what it normally is for similar installations. Successful projects like this give our team the confidence to continue using Extron products, including their newer technologies."

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Münster University of Applied Sciences - Campus Steinfurt

Ingo Haneklaus
IT Support

“It was vital that the new AV system be as dependable as the Extron-based systems we had in other buildings; but, this one also had the unique requirement of needing to work in multiple divisible spaces.”

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AVBD Group

Martin Waverley

“The XTP System provides the high performance that’s needed without detracting from the sophistication of Avnet’s Executive Conference Room.”

“The decision to standardize on Extron is due to a number of factors, not least of which is our long experience with the reliability of the products and Extron's outstanding customer service.”

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Sistemi di Comunicazione Multimediale - SCM

Alessandro Vella
Project Manager

"The XTP System was an ideal choice for its ability to maintain signal integrity over long distances and transmit video, audio, power, and also device control with just one twisted pair cable."

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Allen Visual Systems, Inc.

Stuart Allen

"It is simply awesome!"

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Vega Global (Hong Kong)

Raymond Ng
Project Manager

“For this new shopping complex, the client placed system reliability and product quality at the highest level; therefore, we installed XTP products from Extron.”

“Only Extron’s solution could support the transmission requirements and also work within the limited space and challenging environment of the control room.”

“Vega is committed to providing only the best products and services to our clients so for V city it had to be Extron’s XTP products. We highly recommend our clients use Extron; a brand we trust.”

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Mission Electronics, Inc.

Arron Alt
Federal Channel Manager

“After many years of supporting the EPA, Mission Electronics has a strong relationship and understanding of their needs and how they would be using the new AV systems. Extron's XTP met or exceeded their expectations in each room of the new headquarters building.”

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Los Angeles World Airports - LAWA

Jose Bejar
IT/AV Support Services

“Before, when a presenter asked if they could show slides on the center projector, have diagrams or blue prints on one of the side displays, and cue up a video clip to run on the other, the answer was no. With Extron's XTP System, sending different types of content to any combination of the displays is quick and easy.”

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KONTEK Systems

Brian Peters
Lead Field Installer

“The XTP System operates smoothly and reliably, and its many features such as sending RS-232 and providing remote power over twisted pair cable, helped reduce installation time. XTP control passes through seamlessly under the hood, and the capability of the XTP CrossPoint to remotely power each of the XTP transmitters and receivers over twisted pair minimizes the footprint of the endpoints.”

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Ultra Active Technology Ltd.

Mr. P.K. Yu
Business Development Officer

“Extron’s XTP Systems can be used for any environment. Its ultra-fast routing makes the XTP the best choice for our classrooms.”

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Mission Electronics, Inc.

Scott Strong
Project Manager

“From a project management standpoint, the tight schedule for such a large installation had me worried. But, with XTP, our onsite engineer needed only a few days to have everything commissioned in time for the move-in.”

“The XTP Systems met the needs in each room and were easy to install.”

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AV Science and Technologies

G.R. Malik

“The XTP System serves as the heart of a complete, centralized AV system for the Mathura Road campus, making source switching and video collaboration seamless and effortless. Deploying the system was quick and easy.”

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Applied Electronics Ltd.

Wolfgang Pechmann
Sr. Project and Installation Manager

"It just works!"

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AV3, Inc.

Louis Nicholas, CTS

"We have recently deployed two XTP Systems. The software interface was easily laid out and very intuitive for our technicians to use for setup. There were no hiccups with the hardware. These installs reminded me a lot of the easy Analog days."

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National Communications Corp.

Robert Murray
Director of System Engineering

"When William Beaumont Hospital and the Tyner family built a state-of-the-art Instructional Hybrid Operating Center for Cardiology they wanted to match the Learning Center with the same type of technology. National Communications Corporation teamed up with Extron to provide just that. We used XTP as the core of the signal transmission teamed up with a Quantum Elite Video Wall Processor and various other Extron devices to distribute audio and video to both the OR Viewing Room and the Instructional Classroom. Beaumont uses the system to train surgeons from all over the world in the latest cardiovascular medicine. Extron played an instrumental role in the planning phases and was available all the way through the installation process, providing excellent support and knowledge, both onsite and off. The ease of integration and reliability of the equipment is why we chose to work with Extron on all of our projects."

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Rokepo S.R.L.

Gianluca Papa
System Design Engineer

"The modularity and scalability of the XTP System allowed us to create a completely digital AV distribution system that fully supported our needs for switching of HD video formats with accompanying audio. The ability to accommodate local connectivity and remote locations via twisted pair transmission allowed us to route all signals through the XTP CrossPoint with additional flexibility for breakaway audio switching within the system."

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Audio System Consultants (Asia) Ltd.

Lawrence Lee

"The XTP System switches between video formats with quickness and stability. The large offering of input & output boards gives flexibility for customizing system applications while minimizing the number of unused ports. The ability to output directly from the XTP CrossPoint over just one twisted pair cable saves cable cost and eliminates the need for additional transmitters, thus reducing required rack space too. XTP transmitters are great, as they can be powered remotely from the XTP CrossPoint and their small size makes for easy installation. This also makes them convenient for any interior design."

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Galaxy Entertainment Group

Shawn Pun, FMP, CTS
Project Manager/Designer

"We often encounter cable distance challenges in AV designs with need for matrix switching of digital video signals. For these projects, the XTP System offers the best option. Its expandable, slot-based inputs and outputs offer great flexibility, and the twisted pair transmission capability allows us to overcome the distance challenges. As always, Extron products perform well."

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Resonance Engineering Consultancy, Ltd.

Seon Chan
Managing Director

"Extron XTP Systems has given the industry a long-anticipated, future-proof solution for AV designs with digital signal distribution requirements. Our first XTP System was proposed and implemented last year in the Macau at Bank of China – Macau Branch. The Client stressed the demand for a highly reliable system that could be expanded upon for expected use over many years. The 4K readiness and modularity of XTP frames provided the exact product to address their needs. System deployment was easy with no requirement for complicated configurations. The outstanding and always reliable technical support offered by Extron throughout the design and installation phases gives us additional peace of mind when it comes to specifying XTP Systems into future AV projects."

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Paris Orrison, CTS
Audio Video Design Engineer

"I had the pleasure of using the XTP switcher on a project recently and I cannot say enough about this excellent Extron product. It was great that I did not need to use vital Ethernet ports from my PoE switch to power the transmitters and receivers. The switching was fast and EDID was a breeze to setup. That was a relief, as this can be tricky on some other digital switches. It was a great solution that addressed all the needs of our client."

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Faircom Media GMBH

Stephan Bergmann
Project Manager

“We’d been successfully installing Extron equipment for years so we were already familiar with the high quality and reliability of their products. Extron’s XTP System had the capabilities and flexibility we needed in the university’s new facility.”

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Ian Wilks
Operations Director

"We had a very short time frame to design the system, and get all the equipment in place, installed, commissioned, and ready for staff. This went extremely smoothly, but there is always that element of keeping your fingers crossed and hoping. Throughout the Olympics, the XTP was foolproof. It didn’t skip a beat."

"This was a new product so it wasn’t something that we had specific experience with, but we felt that the XTP would fit the purpose."

"We had a constant flow of celebrities, VIPs, and world media. The pressure to get things right was intense, and we were dedicated to keeping the AV side of things running smoothly. I was pleased to find out how easy the XTP System was to install, configure, and operate. The ‘works out of the box’ capability makes me much more confident deploying it in this type of application."

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Video Dynamics, Inc.

John McKenney
Director of Operations

"Video Dynamics has been successfully integrating Extron’s XTP technology for over a year. We’ve learned to appreciate the value of a solution that not only reduces video, audio, and control to a single twisted pair cable which can be cut to length and field terminated, but also allows simple, yet highly customizable implementation of an EDID strategy, and successfully bridges the gap between legacy analog systems and newer digital technologies. The XTP solution also provides convenient endpoint control and system monitoring."

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Montana State University

Brendon Packwood
Campus Interactive Technology Specialist

"For the TEAL classrooms, we decided on the XTP product line because of its capability to handle a diverse range of signals and also power endpoints over long distances using a single CAT-type cable."

"We needed a solution that would allow us to easily connect and matrix five flat panels, a projector, and 26 unique inputs, and the Extron XTP line of products allowed us to do this with ease."

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Integrated Multimedia Solutions

Bob Morin
Sales & Engineer

"We were asked recently to design and install a Team Building Room for a higher education client. We selected the Extron XTP System over other solutions because of the routing flexibility it offered to meet current as well as future functional switching requirements. Installation and setup of the switch was relatively simple. What few questions we did have were quickly addressed by Extron Support remotely accessing the box to check that all settings were correct. With simplicity of cabling and connection, transmitting video, audio, control, and power over twisted pair with the XTP switch is the way to go."

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AV Solutions

John Voelkl
Director of Engineering

"Extron XTP Systems provide digital signal solutions to my clients while continuing to support their analog sources."

"The Extron XTP scaling receivers allow us to output signals that match the native resolution of displays in the system, providing our clients with consistent, pristine image quality."

"Extron XTP Systems set up quickly with the simple to use XTP Configuration Software."

"Extron XTP Systems provide the tools needed to easily solve the complex problems that can arise during integration and commissioning. Setting up EDID couldn't be easier."

"Extron XTP training has given me the tools needed to design, quote, and integrate XTP Systems with ease and confidence."

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Montana State University

Ritchie Boyd
Academic Technology Specialist

"We needed a solution for a technology-rich, Active Learning Space on campus within a reasonable budget, while maintaining a high level of functionality. Extron’s XTP Systems were the answer."

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The Annenberg Space for Photography

Chris Russell
Sr. Systems & A/V Engineer

"Thank you very much for all your assistance with THE POWER OF PHOTOGRAPHY: National Geographic 125 Years exhibit. Your expert Sales team has taken great care of us from proof of concept to public opening. The great attention to detail was second to none, ensuring that every piece of Extron equipment was a proper fit for my system design. This exhibit is one of a kind and I must say that Nat Geo is amazed that we can show their fine art photography from a digital video platform."

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Dirk Macalpine
Senior Systems Designer

"The XTP System gave us ways to test and program other equipment by using the network patching when testing the whole room solution. Setup was easy and the system has worked flawlessly since the installation."

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WPCS International, Inc.

Eric J. Marshall
Business Development Manager

"Thanks to the XTP System we were able to equip all the classrooms in a new college building project with Extron AV systems. The computer lab required a large matrix system to accommodate five displays and 28 inputs. The XTP System not only fit for the matrix capability but also gave us additional benefits, such as a centralized location to connect control, support for local inputs at the teaching desk, and the ability to send video, audio, and control over one twisted pair cable. It also turned out to be nice to send Ethernet since the original design did not include drops at the displays or input locations. Extron’s support, as usual, was fantastic throughout the entire project, although it wasn’t needed much since the system was so simple to install and configure."

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O&P Projektingenieure

Michael Stark
Project Manager

"Extron had the equipment we needed, and they worked with us to create an environment that encourages collaborative learning and research at the university level."

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