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MTPX Plus 6400 Series


MTPX Plus 6400 Series

Large-Scale Twisted Pair Matrix Switchers

Building on the success of the MTPX Plus Series, Extron offers the MTPX Plus 6400 Series large-scale twisted pair matrix switchers. Available in five different I/O sizes, from 48x48 to 64x64, the MTPX Plus 6400 Series expands on the industry-leading features of the MTPX Plus Series with new advanced features, including EDID Minder® for local inputs and outputs, RS-232 insertion from the Ethernet port to individual or all MTP outputs, and switchable video pre-peaking on all outputs. The MTPX Plus 6400 Series further facilitates system integration and eliminates many of the headaches normally encountered with other twisted pair solutions.

Key Features

  • Integrated dynamic skew equalization for all inputs and outputs to maintain RGB color alignment
  • RS-232 insertion from the Ethernet port to individual or all MTP outputs simplifies control and reduces cabling
  • EDID Minder® provides automatic and continuous EDID management between local sources and displays
  • Local high resolution video inputs and outputs reduces the need for additional transmitters and receivers
  • Switchable video pre-peaking on all outputs provides additional compensation for optimal performance on the longest cable runs
  • Local RS-232 insertion ports eliminate the need for control system wiring to remote displays
  • Video level and peaking actively compensates for input signal attenuation for various cable lengths, resulting in a brighter and sharper image
MTPX Plus 6400 Series Diagram
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