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MLS 608 D

MLS 608 D

Digital Switching Simplified

rave Best of InfoComm Award 2011 The Extron MLS 608 D switcher is an easy-to-use, eight input switcher designed to integrate digital and analog sources for a single display. It transmits HDCP-compliant HDMI and analog video plus audio and RS-232 signals over CATx cabling to the included MTP/HDMI U R twisted pair receiver. EDID Minder® ensures that the display receives the appropriate image resolution from the varied sources. To further simplify integration, the switcher provides ProDSP™ for digital audio processing, including mixing, ducking, feedback suppression, and audio de-embedding. The MLS 608 D is a complete switching solution for HDCP-compliant HDMI and analog video plus audio and control signals.

Key Features

  • Capable of switching between multiple digital and analog inputs
  • Selected inputs, including control, are distributed over CATx cables to included receiver
  • Optimized system performance with ProDSP™ audio signal processing
  • HDCP compliant switching and long distance transmission of HDCP-encrypted content
  • EDID Minder® ensures that all sources power up properly and reliably output content for display
  • HDMI audio de-embedding strips two-channel PCM audio off HDMI inputs, allowing DSP processing and signal routing
  • Cable equalization for each HDMI input actively conditions the incoming HDMI signals to compensate for poor signal quality
  • Integrated stereo or mono 70 volt power amplifier and non-amplifier models available
  • Controllable via Extron TouchLink® Touchpanels, MediaLink® Control Panels, front panel buttons, or RS-232
  • Includes DSP Configurator™ Software version 2.0 for managing AV setup and operations
MLS 608 D Diagram
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    Product Presentation

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