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MediaLink for iPad

AV Control in the Palm of Your Hand

MediaLink for iPad is a convenient additional point of control for AV systems with installed Ethernet-enabled MediaLink controllers. The app replicates the controls of an existing MediaLink controller directly on the iPad and provides real-time button tracking between the app and controller so that they both stay in sync. MediaLink for iPad does not require any programming or custom graphic work to create or operate. Simply enter the IP address and permissions for the MediaLink controller into the app’s Room Manager and you’ve created a convenient, additional point of control. This latest release, version 1.1, adds powerful new features, including support for Extron control modules to expand the app’s functionality in more applications and an enhanced Room Manager that eliminates the previous version’s 12 room limit, giving users the ability to use the app in larger scale installations.

Additional new features include Auto-reconnect, which recalls the previous session even after the app is closed, and Auto-lock override, that keeps the iPad screen on and allows the app to stay active at all times. MediaLink for iPad supports Extron MLC 104 IP Plus and MLC 226 IP MediaLink Controllers that are configured using Global Configurator. Version 1.1 is now available for download on the App Store.

If the iPad is being used in a high-traffic area and securing the iPad in a semi-permanent manner is more important than mobility in your application, consider also using the Extron TLM 100T, secure tabletop mounting enclosure.

Key Features

  • Provides an additional point of control for Ethernet-enabled MediaLink controllers and associated control modules
  • A finger swipe now permits access to MediaLink control modules like the IRCM-DV+, CM-9BLB, and CM-3BLB
  • Room Manager allows users to easily add controllers and customize room lists
  • Quickly switch between rooms with a single tap on the screen
  • Button tracking allows iPad and controller to stay in sync
  • Provides real-time status and remote control of multiple rooms for troubleshooting and management
  • Auto-reconnect recalls the previous session even after the app is closed
  • Auto-lock override keeps the iPad screen on and allows the app to stay active at all times
MediaLink for iPad
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